Patch 4.1 Official Notes

Blizzard posted a recap of the Patch 4.1 which you should expect this week. (Full Notes)

[bluepost]Archaeology (Source)

  • Seven new rare items have been added.
  • Players now have a much smaller chance of getting a dig site for a race for which they have completed all rare finds.[/bluepost]

Below are six of those items mentioned above:

Artifact Project Type Branch Fragments
Extinct Turtle Shell Extinct Turtle Shell Shield Fossil 150
Pterrordax Hatchling Pterrordax Hatchling Companion Pet Fossil 120
Voodoo Figurine Voodoo Figurine Companion Pet Troll 100
Vrykul Drinking Horn Vrykyl Drinking Horn Vanity Vrykul 100
Ancient Amber Ancient Amber Vanity Fossil 100
Haunted War Drum Haunted War Drum Vanity Troll 100
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10 Responses to “Patch 4.1 Official Notes”

  1. Svet says:

    Anyone seen the 7th item listed on any spoiler site yet? We got the six here which is taken I believe from MMOchampion, and there re 5 listed in the spreadsheet checker below. What’s the missing one?

    • Uriah says:

      I’ve been really busy with a move IRL so I have not had time to fully checkout wowhead’s PTR. I have not seen the 7th item noted anywhere yet.

  2. Alok says:


    I just got a Tol’vir rare project called Mummified Monkey Paw. From what I can tell from Wowhead, it’s the old name for the current Crawling Claw companion pet. Maybe it’s a typo (it’s showing up in my archaeology book as Mummified Monkey Paw though), maybe it’s a new trinket or something. It would explain why it didn’t show up in Wowhead’s datamines, it woulda been disregarded as a relic – ironic, considering the field.

  3. Victini says:

    Still no word on the 7th? I’ve ground out 5 pf the 6 known ones already. If I had to guess I think it’s an orc relic. Bliss added more to all the races that had few relics except them.

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