Excavatinator v1.5 [BETA] Update

For those of you who use Excavatinator, be sure to grab the update. And if you don’t use it, well you might be interested now with the extra features recently added (bel0w).

This is a BETA. It might reset your database. Sorry for any confusion.

Version 1.5 Additions:

  • Options frame added! The options button replaces the links button; the links button is now found in the options frame.
  • Items frame added! Click the items button (next to the travel button) to open. The items frame is a small frame with the on-use items you’ve completed from archaeology.
  • Minimap tracking added! When you find archaeology fragments, the spot will be marked on your minimap whenever you’re in the zone. Tracking and display can be turned on or off in the options frame.


  • Excavatinator will no longer try to open while in combat. If tried, this would cause errors, requiring a UI reload to resolve.

Download Excavatinator v1.5 RC1 via Curse
Version 3 of the Beta is out now

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3 Responses to “Excavatinator v1.5 [BETA] Update”

  1. tutti says:

    Oh dear.

    Uriah, that’s a beta update. It’s only for testing; version 1.5 has not been released yet. Also, that was the first beta update, the second needed a database reset – something I’ll try hard to avoid doing with the full releases, but might happen with the beta releases. If I do that sort of thing again in the future I’ll mark these updates alpha instead of beta.

    That being said, beta version 3 -should- be relatively stable. There were a number of bugs in the first two versions, but if there are any in version 3, they should be display issues only.

    • Uriah says:

      Yup! I apologize for any confusion. I did not see a note about the Database bit until the 2nd Beta was pushed out.

    • tutti says:

      There wasn’t an actual note until then; I put it in when I realised that some users download beta versions by default.

      Either way, I ended up releasing the third beta as a proper release, it should come up on Curse soon. I believe it should be complete enough to qualify as a full version; though of course, should there be any particularly bad bugs I’ll get a fix out when I find them.

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