Speculation: Earn More FIFA 17 Coins

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Speculation: Earn More FIFA 17 Coins

Postby luckyboy » Thu Dec 01, 2016 2:55 am

Until investors start to cash-in. Once those who invested start to cash-in, the market will plateau. Why else invest unless you want to make money? And if it looks like the "me too" crowd will buy your stock, why not sell it when you know it is OVERVALUED! Yep, bold for a reason folks, because there is one more thing to make note of here, all cards are currently overvalued right now.

There was an increase in supply on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and in fact every day that goes on in FIFA, the supply increases. Also, if investors have the cards/stock, and not someone looking to utilise it in a team, it is one more card that ends up on the market with no buyer.

Once investors start selling you see, and the market holds at it's highest, then the "me too" crowd will also try to sell, and if the market turns, then we have the correction. The correction will either be fairly dramatic, or a more gradual decline over the next couple of weeks. I would, based on last years post-thanksgiving rally, give it another 10 days before we come close to the pre-black friday prices.

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