The Impact of Ranked Playlists on Competitive FIFA

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The Impact of Ranked Playlists on Competitive FIFA

Postby supodum » Thu Jul 14, 2016 2:02 am

I've been played more FIFA this year than the previous 4 combined. I got my VP past 83 rated for the first time since FIFA 12, played more games in Ultimate Team than for 13,14, and 15 combined, and actually got a decent career with my team going, currently 6 seasons in.

I have to say, the way the 'ranked' systems in this game work, quite frankly, suck. They are a ladder anxiety filled, trash talk inducing, frustrating and quite frankly outdated method of defining your place in the FIFA community, and if EA wants FIFA to explode into an e-Sport (something I don't actually think they want), then they need to change it. By the way, buying fifa 17 coins from, which is the best fifa 17 coins products supplier

Let's break down how the systems work. Oh wait they are all they same. Pro Clubs, Seasons, FUT Seasons, Co-Op Seasons, they're all the same, and honestly it tilts me into the ground how a game producer can be so lazy and lackluster about the way they have put this together.

For those of you who have never played any of the 'ranked' or 'competitive' playlists in FIFA, here is how it 'works'.

You play a game, and a win is worth 3 points, and draw 1 point, and a loss 0. Your result after every game is determined by the number of goals you score in relation to the number you concede, unless EA decided you disconnected and therefore weren't winning 5-0 in the 86th so take your loss like a man, and move on. In any particular season, there are a finite number of alloted games in which you achieve one of four results - Relegation, Hold, Promotion, or Title, until you reach the top division (D1) in which case, you aren't able to get promoted.

Seems simple you say - what's wrong with that? That's how real football works.

It's a great way to make the game accessible to new players, to put some new coins into circulation, and to stifle talent at the top end. It's a way for an entitled little shit to stroke his own ego by showing his rank to all his friends, and his mum.

The problem is, there is very, VERY little reward for consistently top level players to keep playing. Once you hit division 1 there is nowhere to go. I'm distinctly average at FIFA and I hit D1 in less than a month.

If FIFA wants its competitive scene to grow, then EA needs to change the way ranked playlists work in order to reward consistent and fundamentally correct play.

I'd love to give a simple fix, but there isn't one. I've played in the top 0.1% of 3 different video games in my life (Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and Destiny) and not one of them has felt rewarding to play at the highest level outside of the competitive fix. That said, I feel like FIFA needs some big changes in order to truly become a competitive game. I would take 4 steps, as follows.

Work on server stability. By this I don't just mean the odd disconnect. That will happen. I mean the 40+ DCs I've had in 6 weeks of play, with hard wired fibre-optic high speed broadband. EA needs to find a way to make their servers more secure and reliable, if they want to make it so a competitive scene will grow. This includes more transparency in game of server downtime and expected renewal time.

Manage the way patches work, and become more transparent with what they are actually tweaking. PATCH NOTES. I'll say it again, but louder. PATCH FUCKING NOTES. It's disgusting how much the game can change, randomly, on any given day, with no real information about what is ACTUALLY CHANGING given. How can one be expected to play a game at the highest level if we're not told when changes are to be made.

Changes to seasonal play - make them seasonal! This is a pretty simple solution to a complex problem, but have a ranking reset on a monthly, or quarterly basis. I actually think the real way to solve it is to have the ranks reset, and depending on where you finish, you start higher next season. When you win the D1 title, you go with a numerical system which uses MMR to determine where in the world someone is at the end of each season. Say goodbye to ladder anxiety, you will always climb with every improvement you make, and you keep the top 0.000001% (basically Huge Gorilla) happier, as they get to finish rank 1 in the world at something every season, and your lower tier competition knows where to look to improve.

This is a biggie. Tell the world how your game works. No more hidden skill moves. No more chemistry questions. No more ambiguity on how moving your sliders in custom tactics works. Tell us how it works so we can be better at solving it.

I just want to see a world in which competitive gaming thrives, I love football and FIFA, and right now I see a frustrated and ladder anxious community. I'm not even sorry for the long post, it needs to be discussed properly.
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