The mechanism is not the same

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The mechanism is not the same

Postby rousutt » Thu Apr 23, 2015 11:26 pm

Although the series of conflicts and grief, the conflict to reprocessing, waste is not spent Choi was greatly improved strength. NX is getting stingy, around the holidays dungeon fighter profession on the Internet can be a series of joint trick, from the beginning of the bone ring from 50% to 25% after the Black Pearl, and then 10 percent of the kidney, although the mechanism is not the same for, but close stroke NX Dare hurt a bit high value design? I really want a strong and effective for damage, injury and stroke damage + 50% also say the ring ah, really true mother occupation Undead Dungeon Fighters Online, flat piece of Pork compared to 5 sets, perfect really appropriate . Hanbok 100 seems strange really old to reducing infection rates map data, only one back during high damage reduction 70 Figure 85-90 percent decrease in infection rates, the average level of almost 88%. Which turned 80 after the opening of the normal range, the old and the reduction of outside and down to number 70 at the level of 75%, but the NX to force players to replace the dungeon fighter online weapons under the guise of a high base, shape harm reduction increase in both expected to re-enter the field of vision player. Scheduled to open after 80 decreased the rate due to injury, which is a direct result of the original 70 towers promote maturity Warrior Dungeon Fighters Online Security Online Coupons many weapons powder 1,565 at the end of a throwback to 1080 gun powder yield level dungeon fighter online, a number of high base defense minus strange dungeon fighter online career, which has the effect of increasing low power tapping tower clad warrior Online worse than that, Of course, raise the status of weapons-grade red 1565 Online Dungeon Warrior is better a bit, but in general, not a category breakthrough 1280 powder weapons dungeon fighter online. Production is scheduled to begin in less than 80 arms warrior tower online, Towers Warrior online in addition to the original 70 high downforce amount of arms, and a direct result of the early 80 arms warrior Towers pink Hanbok online abnormally rising prices . But with 80 pink tower Warrior Online DFO Gold gradually increase the number of weapons, and prices began to fall. Next, how to guide the player to recognize the value of high-strength Dungeon Warrior NX weapons now do. In this case, NX has once again demonstrated the difficulty of damage high limit card numbers trump card, and the players have to say will be taken back to a high proportion of professional dungeon fighter online again Ituri is difficult to expect high power and high output of the old road while the arms of the original powder dungeon fighter online, 1565 and therefore the gradient from the second division with a similar level 1,280 weapons powder dungeon fighter online, Online Dungeon Warrior Scarlet increase in 1565 better weapons grade.
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