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Postby Shifangjing » Sun Jan 21, 2018 10:19 pm

Most men are quite familiar with the variety of things that can go ‘wrong’ during coupling with a partner. From the barrier protection slipping off at the most inopportune time to strained and sore muscles to a red or irritated member Wholesale Donnel Pumphrey Jersey , these are just a few of the problems that a man might encounter. And even with the best male organ care possible, sometimes a man is faced with a strange coupling consequence that makes him shake his head in complete confusion.

Though strange bedroom issues are extremely rare, they do happen. Here are three of the most common of the uncommon issues men might face.

An allergy to seed

Amazingly enough, it’s true: A man can actually develop an allergy to his own seed. Though this problem is much more common in women – she suddenly develops a rash, itching and even hives from coming into contact with a partner’s seed – men can also experience this very strange problem.

The first signs might be a male organ rash, a red manhood and irritation that gets worse each time seed touches anywhere on the body. In addition, a man might suffer from flu-like symptoms, including fever, upset stomach and even a runny nose. Symptoms might develop immediately or might take a few days to show up.

As odd as it is, doctors have actually seen it before. The best solution might be the use of anti-inflammatory medications before and after coupling, each and every time Wholesale Rasul Douglas Jersey , to lessen the reaction. An allergy specialist can help with other treatments.

The coupling headache

This can be a quite severe and frightening reaction that occurs during or right after coupling. Everything is moving along fine, the excitement is building, and then – Bam! – a headache comes from out of the blue and knocks a man flat on the mattress. It is often a piercing, sudden pain that can make a man feel as though something is very wrong.

But the truth is that a coupling headache is likely the body’s response to an overload of hormones. However, a man should make sure. If it happens more than once in response to sensual excitement, it’s time to see the doctor and rule out any problems. After that’s done, a man might respond well to a dose of pain reliever, like acetaminophen, before the main event.

That strange depression

Many men think women are the ones who deal with post-pleasure depression, but up to 10 percent of men can suffer from it, too. It is a depression that hits out of the blue Wholesale Sidney Jones Jersey , usually right after a sensual encounter, even if that encounter was a really good one. A man might feel down for an hour or more, putting a serious damper on all the fun he was having.

Doctors believe that this one is tricky, because it usually stems from some underlying issues with a partner. A man who isn’t happy in his relationship, feeling pressured to procreate, thinking about another partner or feeling guilty about something might wind up diving into depression after the fact. Doctors usually recommend seeing a coupling therapist or looking into antidepressants if the negative feelings continue for more than a few sessions.

Keeping things ready to rumble

In addition to these quite uncommon issues, most men deal with problems with a red, irritated member. In order to alleviate that problem, he can reach for a good male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). The savvy man will look for a crème that contains pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5 Wholesale Derek Barnett Jersey , for healthier tissue, as well as vitamin E, a natural hydrator that can keep skin smooth and supple. In addition, look for a crème with Shea butter, which goes a long way toward soothing dry, irritated and red manhood skin.
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