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Cheap Ryan Miller Jersey

Postby ruan » Sat Feb 24, 2018 4:48 am

Just unveiled by Wilson Racquet Sports Cheap Antoine Vermette Jersey , the [K]Factor tennis racquet is the newest evolution in tennis technology. The highest level of technology available combines four new proprietary Wilson technologies the in the [K]Factor to bring you enhanced control. Building on the nanotechnology platform that began with Wilson?s top selling nCode line, the [K]Factor picks up where the Wilson nCode nSixOne Tour 90 left off.

The [K]Factor has been specially engineered for Roger Federer to maintain his dominance, while improving his all-surface game. The new industrial design innovation that improves handling, maneuverability and provides additional feel was directly inspired by the #1 in the world Roger Federer.Federer states, "The [K] Six.One gives me incredible feel! With [K]Factor, Wilson has taken racket technology to a whole new level and I love what [K]Factor does for the control of my game." Federer switched over to the [K] Six.One Tour at the Australian Open Cheap Josh Manson Jersey , where he swept the Men's Championship without dropping a single set.

[K]Factor now brings racquet technologies to the next level by introducing Karophite Black, a breakthrough structure created when bonding Carbon Black, Graphite and SiO2 together at the nano level, making a denser and stronger racket matrix. This nanotechnology process links billions of carbon fibers together before heatshaping, thus eliminating microscopic voids that create stress points in other carbon fiber racquets. These adjustments, made at the molecular level Cheap Derek Grant Jersey , significantly strengthen and enhance the stability of the overall carbon matrix while the unique frame engineering provides greater control, with comfort and a larger sweet spot.

This newest line of tennis rackets by Wilson features a classic feel in the tradition as previous-generations of Wilson tennis rackets, coupled with the added feel and stability of K Factor technology. Weighing in a full 1.5 oz. lighter than the KSixOne 95, there is improved maneuverability without sacrificing power substantially. A Dense 18x20 string bed further enhances control and feel for advanced players. All [K] Factor tennis racquets utilize Wilson's proprietary next-generation [K]arophite Black structure which results in a stronger, more stable racquet as it adds additional bonds between the SiO2 and graphite molecules on a nanoscopic scale.

Overall, there are 4 new key [K] Factor technology concepts found in various configurations depending on the [K] Factor model:

[K]arophite Black-an evolution of Wilson nCode technology which utilizes a new structure incorporating additional bonds between the SiO2 and graphite molecules on a nanoscopic scale Cheap John Gibson Jersey , resulting in more feel and a stronger, more stable racquet.
[K]onnector-2 external wings molded into each side of the hoop to increase dwell time of the ball upon impact, providing greater control and comfort.
[K]ontour Yoke-New frame cross-section shape that enhances stiffness at key stress points for improved torsional stability
[K]ompact Center-New shortened yoke design that improves handling, maneuverability, and provides additional feel.

Racquet choice of ATP #1 Roger Federer, the Wilson K Factor KSix-One Tour 90 Racquet Cheap Jakob Silfverberg Jersey , is the most forgiving Tour 90 yet. Roger Federer used at the KSix-Oe Tour 90 racquet for the first time in competition at the Australian Open 2007, where he swept the Men's Championship without dropping a single set. It has unmatched control and feel to take your game to the next level. Subtle updates to the frame design make this one a must-hit for serious players.

The #1 choice of touring professionals, the Wilson K Factor KSix-One 95 (16x18) Racquet, is the new envy of aspiring players worldwide. This new racket gets the job done. Subtle updates in the response makes the [K]Six-One 95 the most impressive 6.1 yet and is well suited to advanced players seeking a high level of control, stability and predictability from their racquet. For players seeking the highest level of control and feel, the Wilson K Factor KSix-One 95 (18x20) Racquet provides just what they need. Players will enjoy the response from this tighter Cheap Ryan Miller Jersey , 1820 string patterned version of the venerable 6.1 line. The Wilson K Factor KSix-One Team Racquet is lighter and more maneuverable than its KSix-One 95 brothers. This one is big on feel and precision and makes a sweet stick for aggressive players. Longer than its KFactor partners the Wilson K Factor KSix-One X Racquets offers excellent access to spin, pace and controlled power.

No matter what you need in a tennis racket the KFactor line from Wilson Racquet Sports will provide just what you need.
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Blair Stephens is a prolific copywriter and proud member of the TennisExpress team. Tennis Express offers you the widest and best selection of tennis equipment, tennis racquets and tennis gear online. For more information about tennis racquets and technology, check our new and improved Buyers Guide at http:www.tennisexpress.

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