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Postby ruan » Mon Mar 05, 2018 1:30 am

It is a question that every mother is calling her child at some point in their lives. If all your friends jumped off a bridge , you do it too? The answer is obviously no but the question is used to illustrate our potential as human beings, to behave popular. If you ask a citizen of the USA, If everyone looked a certain sport, would you? The answer, if the sport of soccer , would be no . Popular or not, Americans simply don 't get soccer.

Low scores

One of the main complaints from Americans about professional soccer, or soccer as it 's known in the rest of the world, is it is so low score. It is not uncommon for a game to go through a whole course of the game and finish with a score of 2 to 1. In the American mentality, fueled by basketball , soccer and hockey on the same score of 2 to 1 means that nothing happened for one hour. The reason for the low scores is slow play, another less in mind the U.S. productivity. Moving the ball back and forth from the wing at the rear seems less as a strategy in addition to repetition. The final score question for the Americans insult the national sense of capitalism and the achievement - ending in a tie. The American professional sports are great efforts to find ways to sever ties and ensure at the end of the game, someone will win. Ending an affair is simply un-American.

Unknown names

While soccer has the largest worldwide audience of any international sport, stars and actors of this great game are relatively unknown in America. One of the reasons why Americans are struggling to invest in soccer, is international spectrum of the party. Athletes with unpronounceable foreign names are difficult to speak in its bite and fresh water. If a small number of foreign players have in the American sport in general they are the exception rather than the rule , and you 'll find the American media has given them nicknames to help the country manage the challenge of different languages. The trend towards isolationism against the Americans never become a part of the global movement of soccer.

No history

Although there are fans, a large proportion of people who play soccer in college, the USA the country as a whole has no real history of the sport or its concepts. May while some argue that human beings have been kicking the ball as a form of sport since time began, soccer 's progress organized as a game has simply not permeated the history of the America or conscience. Americans grow up with baseball, spend every fall to watch soccer - nature has played with the ball oval brown - and have developed a growing interest in basketball. All three sports play in America 's strengths as an individualist , capitalist society. Entry into a professional sport as a fan requires a certain degree of desire an effort to learn players, rules and standards. For soccer to become a part of the American mentality would require too much effort for too little profit.

The good news for professional soccer is it doesn 't need America. soccer is statistically unchallenged in its dominance over the rest of the world. With an audience twice the size of the Olympics, soccer will continue to move forward without the help of this great country to the west.
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