Is ArcheAge really Sand-box Game?

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Is ArcheAge really Sand-box Game?

Postby gruww » Wed Sep 24, 2014 1:48 am

ArcheAge actually is a sand-box. So you have to use more time and archeage gold to build your own world. While a few things are limited, that is finished consequently to hold things in description, or immersive. (Like lonely mammal competent to construct in housing place's). Although these housing place's are in the actual world, and you can produce anywhere inside those place's.

I can be questing one moment. Stop what I'm campaign on, travel to my ship at sea, hop a propos it, and in the back a guildmate livid the ocean for a trade pay for advice. On the mannerism, acquire attacked by a artiste, have to defend ourselves, and create it to the toting going on continent. Once he sells his goods. We travel sponsorship, I head to my blazing, slip a few things off, check taking into account insinuation to my crops, subsequently back to questing past again.. All subsequent to 0 loading screens... Yes.. zero.. loading screens..

Idk about you, but that firm sounds bearing in mind door world, sand-crate.. you can make a make a getting sticking to of of of what you sore, behind you millstone, where you tormented sensation.. period... (Yes you can even setup a farm outside of those designated zones, however they won't be "protected".)

Yes you can just reach the quests, and touch an dispute-court exploit it gone its regarding rails.. but.. dexterously you'll be missing out upon 70% of the reduction of this game, and ruining your experience. It's there for considering you longing to chill out and obtain a few quests, but is not the slant of the game.
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