NMQ Stainless Steel Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump for sale

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NMQ Stainless Steel Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump for sale

Postby Sebahtstian » Wed Feb 07, 2018 9:58 pm

Product Description

NMQ Series Stainless Steel Magnetic Drive vacuum pumps for sale is new type high-efficiency magnetic drive pump base on our standard CQB Metal industrial vacuum pumps improved.it is adapted international leading combined pull and push magnetic circuit and optimize design, Magnetic Torque is increased by 15 % under the same dimension,The Materials of Isolation Kit are use Stainless Steel 316L, It will be obviously reduced the magnetic eddy current loss. Excellent hydraulic Model the same dimension,the same dimension,can improve this pump wrking efficiency by 3-8 %. It is choose double Sliding bearing support,Stable Running.When the Temperature is bellows than 120 ℃. It is better to choose Ndfeb Magnet materials. When Temperature between 120-250 ℃。 It is better to choose Smco Magnet. The Spare Parts Wildcard and Standardized degree are higher with strongly universal.

Technical Details of NMQ Series Stainless Steel Magnetic Drive industrial vacuum pump, NMQ-Series Stainless Steel industrial vacuum pumps for sale:
Flow: to 800 m3/h
Head : to 130 m
Temperature : to 200 ℃;
Material Range : 304、316、316L、904

Liquid gas plants
Chemical and petrochemical industries
Refrigeration and heat engineering
Power stations
Tank installations
Pharmaceutical industries
Fibers industries
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