perhaps a high carbohydrate

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perhaps a high carbohydrate

Postby lasky1994 » Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:50 am

We’ve already established that diet can play a crucial role in manipulating gene expression for several generations. It’s possible that dietary changes could have resulted in a better fueling system. Research has shown that Kenyan runners produced less lactate and had better running economy than their white counterparts. Both of these factors are impacted by fuel usage and utilization. Perhaps diet in previous generations has led to certain adaptations to enhance these Adidas Zx Flux Damen Rosa processes. It could be their specific diet, which consists of carb intake, or a particular famine which occurred, which both Kenya and Ethiopia have seen their fair share of. Research has shown that famine’s have large epigenetic consequences for subsequent generations. Whether or not a famine would increase fuel processing is unknown. For the former, perhaps a high carbohydrate intake enhances carb utilization?

Activity Level and Training:
The activity level of the East Africans is well known. In International Kenyan runners over 50% of them had to travel greater than 5km to get to school and over 80% of them ran to school. Similarly, the lifestyle in both rural Kenya and Ethiopia requires large amounts of physical Nike Air Max Command Dames activity.

On the former topic, the large amount of activity during the pre-puberty years is of particular interest. In part 1, I discussed how the study on the Swedish village found that one of the epigenetic windows was the prepuberty years for males. If the East African’s spend this time doing informal Nike Air Max Tavas Dam training, perhaps it is setting them up for endurance excellence as the way certain genes that are beneficial to endurance function change for the better. Since we are more plastic during younger years, this early activity could pave the way for Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Damen better endurance response during the formidable running years. If the function of such genes responsible for mitochondria biogenesis is switched Adidas Nmd Dam Svarta “on” early in life, this could lead to a greater ease of signaling these genes to activate later in training. Maybe this explains why East Africans seem to have greater trainability and respond quickly to training. Additionally, the lifestyle of the great East African runners’ parents or grandparents could play a role.
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