jilting Colts to stay with Pats,Josh McDaniels changes mi

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jilting Colts to stay with Pats,Josh McDaniels changes mi

Postby aliciahuang » Thu Feb 08, 2018 5:34 am

After two days of reflection and conversations with the Patriots, the team confirmed Tuesday night., New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has decided not to accept the Indianapolis Colts' head-coaching job

"After agreeing to contract terms to become the Indianapolis Colts' new head coach, New England Patriots assistant coach Josh McDaniels this evening informed us that he would not be joining our team, we will resume our head-coaching search immediately and find the right fit to lead our team and organization on and off the field."," the team said in a statement. "Although we are surprised and disappointed

In the past 48 hours, to remain in New England, Patriots owner Robert Kraft began talking with McDaniels and ultimately wound up sweetening his contract, a source said., helping to entice McDaniels, who had yet to sign a contract with the Colts

But this wasn't a decision about money, ever since meeting with the Colts on wild-card weekend. It is the reason a second meeting with Colts officials and team owner Jim Irsay was held. McDaniels was trying to get comfortable with the idea of taking his family out of New England and moving to Indianapolis, sources said. McDaniels, sources said., 41, had been vacillating on this decision throughout the interview process

Throughout the process, McDaniels had emphasized to the Colts that he would need time to mull the decision and discuss it with his family. The more McDaniels reflected on potentially having the opportunity to coach the Colts, he was not comfortable., the more it did not feel right to him and the better it felt to remain in New England. McDaniels still would like to become a head coach again, but in this situation

The Krafts also stepped in this week to make McDaniels feel even more wanted, who will become the Lions' new head coach., and the two sides were able to come to an agreement Tuesday night that will enable New England to retain its offensive coordinator during an offseason in which it is already losing defensive coordinator Matt Patricia

McDaniels' decision to stay could spark speculation that perhaps Patriots head coach Bill Belichick's tenure is about to end, even if there was clarity that Belichick was definitely going to be the coach in 2018, but those close to McDaniels say that isn't the case, a source told ESPN's Mike Reiss. The bigger factor for McDaniels was that the Patriots,Authentic Brian Schwenke Jersey, McDaniels might not have pursued other head-coaching jobs as aggressively as he did., who hadn't addressed his future until the past week or so, made an ultra-aggressive late push to try to entice him to stay. Had that happened a month or so ago

Despite McDaniels' sudden shift, two people who agreed to be assistants for him in Indianapolis will remain with the Colts,Authentic Byron Bell Jersey, and former Illinois defensive line coach Mike Phair signed to become Indy's D-line coach., regardless of who the next head coach will be, sources said. Former Cowboys assistant head coach/linebackers coach Matt Eberflus signed to become the Colts' defensive coordinator

The Colts now will have to go back to the drawing board, but he did that the day of his introductory news conference. McDaniels did it the night before he was scheduled to be introduced by the Colts.,Womens Jack Conklin Jersey, while the Patriots have some of the coaching stability they appeared to be losing. The situation is not entirely dissimilar to when Belichick stepped away from the New York Jets' head-coaching job after the 1999 season

He wasn’t, a decision that he reversed in just four weeks to become the next defensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans., despite what you might hear or think. But it is fair to ask whether Pees would have returned if he didn’t opt to retire

Ravens coach John Harbaugh is surely not going to acknowledge publicly after the fact that he was going to make a change at defensive coordinator regardless of what Pees wanted to do. And let’s be clear, and it’s tough to imagine him making Pees the scapegoat for three straight years of missing the playoffs.,Authentic Austin Johnson Jersey, there is no tangible evidence Harbaugh was planning a staff shake-up. He didn’t fire anybody on his staff

Harbaugh and Pees have a strong relationship by all accounts, it was pretty much the worst-kept secret at the Under Armour Performance Center that the coming season would likely be Pees’ last., and Harbaugh surely understood that Pees had been contemplating retirement for the better part of two years. Those who insist that Harbaugh forced Pees out under the guise of retirement are ignoring the fact that the 68-year-old defensive coordinator told many people in 2016 that he was retiring before deciding to come back. By training camp 2017

Did Pees paint himself into a corner by making his pending retirement known to members of the organization? Perhaps. It would have been awfully tough for Pees to walk back from that plan after his defense allowed the Cincinnati Bengals to convert on fourth-and-12 in a sequence that ended the Ravens’ season and was the latest late-game collapse by the defense in a big game. And there surely would’ve been some pressure on Harbaugh to make a change. But the conspiracy theories don’t otherwise fit.

Regardless of the criticism Pees got — and that comes with the territory of being a defensive coordinator for an organization built around its defense — he did a commendable job in Baltimore. But sometimes change can be good. It’s now Don “Wink” Martindale’s responsibility to get the defense playing more consistently and avoiding late-game, Matt., late-season meltdowns. And Pees gets a chance to work under one of his favorite former players in Mike Vrabel and alongside his son

Saturday marks the five-year anniversary of the Ravens’ 34-31 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII,Womens Derrick Henry Jersey, and you surely remember some of the details of the game: Joe Flacco’s three touchdown passes, the blackout and then the goal-line stand., Jacoby Jones’ second-half-opening kick-return touchdown

But as I watched this week some of the pomp and circumstance ahead of the matchup between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, it reminded me of what it was like during the Ravens-49ers buildup and how I’ve long believed that Super Bowl week, was Harbaugh’s finest hour as Ravens head coach., and not even necessarily the game

John embraced the unique storyline of coaching against his brother. The Ravens players took their cue from their head coach. They were visible throughout the week around New Orleans. They seemed to enjoy — or at least tolerate — the endless media obligations while staying focused on task at hand.,Harbaugh was loose and patient with the nonstop media responsibilities. Unlike 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh

Just being around the 49ers that week in the various media availabilities, their demeanor was starkly different from the Ravens’. Many of the 49ers players looked annoyed and uninterested. Jim Harbaugh was irritable at times, you would have thought he would have at least enjoyed the unique late-week news conference with his brother and parents. He looked pained to even be there., which isn’t out of the ordinary. However

We predict the outcome of every game in The Baltimore Sun, I’m making far too much out of outward appearances, and I had projected the Ravens to lose against the Denver Broncos in the divisional round and the Patriots in the championship game. When I got to New Orleans, I was planning to pick the 49ers to win because I thought they had the better and more-explosive team. By about midweek, but the Ravens were certainly the looser team when the game began., I changed my mind because of how prepared, poised and relaxed the Ravens looked. Maybe

This selection isn’t a reflection on the Patriots. Authentic Kevin Dodd Jersey,We know what we’re going to get from them. Tom Brady and his cast of offensive weapons will be fantastic. The defense will give up a lot of yards, if not a lot of points. Bill Belichick and his coordinators, will make good adjustments as the game goes along. They’ll get all the calls (just kidding … sort of). And they’ll make some big plays late because of their unmatched preparation and colossal clutchness., head-coaches-in-waiting Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia

something only the Giants have done (twice) in New England’s seven other Super Bowl visits during the Belichick/Brady regime. Here are some reasons the Eagles are just the dogs to be able to do it — not only to cover the moderate spread but to bring home the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the first time and add to their NFL titles in 1960 (in the black-and-white-TV era) and 1948 and ’49 (best seen on Movietone News reels):,It’s going to take a dogged and fearless effort from a worthy team to beat the Patriots on this stage

Underdogs are 8-1-1 against the spread in these playoffs and have scored outright upsets in five of the 10 games. The Eagles played their home-underdog status (plus-2 vs. the Falcons in the divisional round and plus-3 vs. the Vikings in the NFC Championship) to the hilt, beating the Titans by 21 as 13-point favorites and failing to cover in a four-point win over the Jaguars as the 7?-point choice., wearing their rubber dog masks on the field after their two wins and seizing some South Philly Rocky Balboa mojo. The Patriots were 1-1 against the spread in the AFC playoffs

Some are calling this the biggest quarterback mismatch in Super Bowl history — a five-time champ against a backup. Brady’s the greatest quarterback of all time. There’s no argument anymore. And to label Nick Foles a backup is accurate, Chiefs and Eagles in the period after losing his starting job in St. Louis after 11 games in 2015 through Carson Wentz’s injury in Week 14 this season., considering that’s what he was with the Rams

But to call Foles a backup-quality quarterback misses a few key points. Such as: In 2013 with the Eagles, it was with 4:58 to go after his 3-yard touchdown pass to Zach Ertz had given Philadelphia a 24-23 lead. A long kick return and a horse-collar tackle set the Saints up at the Eagles 48, he went 8-2 and threw 27 touchdown passes and just two interceptions. Yes, and Drew Brees masterfully milked the clock to set up the winning field goal with no time left.,Womens Brian Schwenke Jersey, the Eagles lost their first playoff game that year at home to the Saints,Authentic Jack Conklin Jersey, but when Foles walked off the field for the last time

It also misses that Foles was 6-2 the next season, suffering a season-ending broken collarbone in Week 8. And that this season, his skill on the run-pass option play does a couple of things: It piggybacks onto some of the things Blake Bortles and the Jaguars did well in the first half against the Patriots defense and mitigates some of the Belichick/Patricia coaching advantage because the Hoodie and the Beard will be of no help when Foles is making that read and attacking the open spaces.,Womens Byron Bell Jersey,Womens Kevin Dodd Jersey, he’s become the only quarterback not named Joe Montana to complete 75 percent of his passes in back-to-back playoff games. Lastly

That sounds strange, the Falcons in Super Bowl LI and the Jaguars last week all had double-digit leads on the Patriots in the second half and couldn’t close the deal. The Jaguars coaches, tearing up big chunks of yardage on first down with Bortles operating the run-pass option. After going up 14-3 playing that way,Womens Austin Johnson Jersey, in particular, seemed to suffer a similar phenomenon. In the first half, when victory was a distant dream and “Hey, the Jags pulled in the reins. After the Patriots made it 14-10,Authentic Derrick Henry Jersey, but consider the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX, what do we have to lose?” was the mantra, Jacksonville dominated the game, coach Doug Marrone had Bortles kneel out the final 55 seconds of the half with two timeouts remaining.
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