This is also too little

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This is also too little

Postby jlsalh21 » Tue Mar 06, 2018 1:35 am

Yang Qiu very simply brush-off way:"The country builds!Must be a country to build, deeply even time on board we have already bought ° from England a , before May, next year can all deliver goods Malcolm Jenkins Youth Jersey can temporarily use and navy, the other internal equipments can also usher in to the United States, but the corpora have to have a foothold to construct with domestic, cruiser this Class I can't consider toward the foreign order."
Does the country build?
The ice 3 people's big eye in Sa town stares a small eye, they run the number of times of Chiang-Nan and horsetail to compare Yang Qiu can much several times, the horsetail completely not has the ability Marcus Smith II Youth Jersey of constructing the modern style cruiser, Chiang-Nan can but they after consulting American engineer have already got affirmation to reply, standard displacement more than 3000 tons whole type for use by the military the main beam of boat basically build not to come out, unless the navy would like to accept the large warship of the ship standard of a people.
Yang Qiu's viewpoint although it is said is want to toughen a local shipbuilding technique ability, but this technique condition insist on made by oneself, this wasn't and desperately!It is only a king to pour the male Nao Nao head, haven't enjoyed in retrospect to come surprised ask a way:"Commander in chief, did you promise to make us purchase to fight a row warship?"
Yang Qiu jilts Mike Martin Youth Jersey his a pair of healths eyes and took out a pen to fly to soon draw the basic shape diagram of future generations American wave special grade large destroyer.Local technique currently affirmation could not build real wave special grade, even fly shorn warship Shous to all build not to come out, so only is a features up similar just, the power armor is all not enough, Mike Quick Youth Jersey but want to solve to have first now and have no of problem, weaken a version to unwillingly use and then go.
So finish drawing behind pass to say for Sa town ice:"Large artillery thunder warship(destroyer), the standard displacement is 1900 tons, load down 2200 tons, have to adopt we can be made by oneself of 120 millimeters of warship cannon, three pair allied pack, adopt large warship in Europe to use currently of the carry on the back type cannon tower install way, 4 pairs unite 37 millimeters of organization cannon and cancel underwater torpedo to shoot a tube and reserve deck ascend four allied the torpedo blast-off take care of two sets of, the speed doesn't must be lower than 28 sections, each unit price get not over 2,000,000."
Although the carry on the back type cannon tower and three pairs unite 120 millimeters of main cannon fairly good allocation already, be at least been similar to four sea cruiser Qi in the heart with navy the cruiser like this falls bad really too big, know their simulated enemy that day originally, face close neighbors a watering of super war row warship, this kind of small warship is basically a cannon fodder, so ice in the Sa town repeatedly shakes head:"Commander in chief this isn't the difficult person, this kind of small warship basically beats however Japan, connect the ability of holdout all have no."
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