more than ordinary lacquer flooring.

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more than ordinary lacquer flooring.

Postby qizhen0809 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 10:07 pm

new customized mix wood and plastic floor mat

non slip regal stair deck stringers raleigh

where wpc patio building floor plan
. natural color soft, natural fresh wood
This floor is soft, fresh and natural, with a plain home, creating a relaxed and cozy atmosphere as a whole. The wood grain is very real and natural. The tree branches and scars on the floor are clearly visible, reflecting the original ecological woody effect.
Tips: the advantages of plastic flooring
Wear: about to times more than ordinary lacquer flooring.
Beautiful: available computer simulation of a variety of wood patterns and colors.
Stable: the original wood completely broke up the organization, undermining the anisotropy and wetting and drying shrinkage characteristics, the size is very stable, especially for warm room system.

. Hunting aldehydes technology to reduce free formaldehyde release on the floor
This floor with super E plate, formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to . In addition, this floor also uses the FCF hunt aldehyde technology, FCF formaldehyde capture agent added to the material, can quickly capture the free formaldehyde in the floor at room temperature or low temperature, so that the home environment is more healthy and environmentally friendly.
. Chamfered structure was solid, curved smart lock splicing
The carved chamfer structure, so that the long edge of the floor on the interface rounded edges, to resolve the overall flat surface of the boring, elegant visual atmosphere, especially for spacious housing structure. Chamfer at the inverted trapezoidal structure, and chamfer at anti-static treatment, not easy to absorb dust, easy care.
This floor with curved smart green lock technique splicing, without glue so that each floor are closely integrated, extremely solid. In addition, the splicing slot in the floor is arc-shaped, just like a human joint. In the installation process, the arc-shaped locking buckle can automatically fine-tune the angle to adapt to the slight drop of the ground surface and make the floor pavement stable as a whole.
wear resistance, can flame retardant
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