the national security department

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the national security department

Postby jlsalh21 » Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:06 am

Citizen's guard's brigade looks like unattractive but is extremely and importantly to inside strength, the national defense soldier theoretically can't participate in local business, so citizen's guard's brigade Doug Fister Astros Jersey of similar Soviets domestic affairs troops adds a key more and serve as a citizen guard in the Xiao Anne's country brigade commander in chief after at that time the right road soldier was many to get be all stuffed into to have Fan Liang Shan, quarter blessing among them and among them and Ma Kui etc. confident, currently they station in these vital part positions in Nanking, Peking, Wu Chang, Chongqing and Shanghai to take strict precautions against respectively last-ditch ensure stability.
Station Jin region in the city of in addition to guard's brigade 2 travel, also have the Zhan 101 teachers for receiving to lead, as the talent person of younger generation in the national defense soldier, Evan Gattis Astros Jersey the closed a front line to join a national defense soldier at Wu Sheng in those early years of already Zhan dew head Cape, although the not equal to Chiu text Bin is so brilliant in Henan, Anhui, at Huai Anne hold up Lee by a trip dead dead to purely lead of northern ocean one teacher two trip take turns take the offensive it suffices to show in command of ability, even Jiang Fang's earthquake and Zhang Xiao Zhun are full of praise to him.
No matter is a Zhan to receive still the quarter blessing become, can be regarded as the person of confident, so Yang Qiu threw the intelligence report to him after finishing asking:"Do and tell two of George Springer Astros Jersey them that how drama plays me to ignore, but the Forbidden City all anyway wants to protect for me according to your method, 12 soils can not take out!"
The square Rui point nods facial expression rare a pleased, release although the small emperor influences very much,can solve to loose a while old loose a little great problem, can also take charge of complete income nation in the Forbidden City!As for some people's destiny, troops in the future resort to arms a point accident to still have while rounding Jiao rebellious troops who can say J.R. Richard Astros Jersey three four?He after walking Yang Qiu's mood always cans not is quiet and peaceful down and start to walk to the window way seldom order last a smoke.
Shout to kill an earthquake for sky inside plentiful NTU camp in Peking, the thousands of young infantry is accepting bayonet to put together to kill training, be stained with on the body of their everybody full drive train a wood gun the lime white of empress in sting order, many people already tired get tottering can still keep being grinding teeth persistence, a times all run out all energy battle cries to stab, without any reservation!It is an one teacher of central guard to is the national defense soldier just finishing adding, from the earliest guard connect rise this troops training is the most assiduous of, also positive as it does this troops chose soldier extremely strictly and not only needed to be young but also needed honest, because was young just can burst out to bleed sex, so as to have physical strength to accept the most rigorous training in whole China.But honest, more mainly is the loyalty to Yang Qiu and the country agency, so as to let this troops be full of to coagulate dint.
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