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please not up counsel of black

Postby cheapfifa28 » Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:20 am

As the home of Mandela's ideals of the eldest son and heir to the chiefs that he was unwilling to a downtrodden tribal chiefs who ruled, fifa 14 coins xbox and "in the name of a warrior to join the cause of national liberation". Mandela thus began its rocky road to ' national liberation, Mandela is a member only in their family to go to school. Starting from the age of 16 he shouye, completed the usual 3 years 2 years completed junior high school. In 1938, he entered the Fort Hare Academy, later studied at the University of Witwatersrand, Bachelor of laws degree in 1944, attend Mandela advocated nonviolent struggle of South Africa's African National Congress (the ANC). In 1952, Nelson Mandela elected ANC "Youth Union of" National Chairman. In 1952, he has allowed the ANC Executive Member, Chairman of the Transvaal, the national Deputy Chairman. That same year end of, he success to organization and led has "contempt not just act movement", won has outside of distinguished Mandela also and he of lawyer by colleagues aolifutanbo opened has mandelatanbo lawyer firm, for please not up counsel of black provides free or low price of legal advisory service join politics for decades contains, Mandela after storm, early school, and early involved political, has for its accumulated has rich of experience.

Transferred to the medium-term, Mandela is already a banner leading figures, but only to wait for his nearly 30 years in prison. However, subjected to a prison time when he let his beliefs became more determined, want national liberation's heart never changed in 1961, Mandela led strikes, protest and boycott of white racists founded "the Republic of South Africa". In June 1961, Mandela created the ANC military organization "Spear of the nation", as Commander in Chief. He had secret visits abroad, held in Addis Ababa and attended the Pan-African Conference of the freedom movement, called for South Africa by imposing economic sanctions in August 1962, Mandela United States Central Intelligence Agency helped by South Africa apartheid regime, arrest and imprisonment, when he was only 43 years old, South Africa Government of "inciting" crimes and "illegal border crossing" sentenced him to 5 years in prison for the crime. On October 15, 1962, Mandela was incarcerated to Pretoria local prison. Where Nelson Mandela was held in solitary confinement in order to fight for their interests, held for up to 23 hours a day, daily, in the morning and half an hour in the afternoon activities. No natural light in a solitary confinement room, without any written article, cut off from the outside in June 1964, Mandela was charged with "attempting to the violent overthrow of the Government", commuted, transferred to the mid 1960 to 1991 years, South Africa's largest secret prison--Robben Island.
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