The FUT mode is the most popular and played

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The FUT mode is the most popular and played

Postby angeliaabel » Tue Oct 14, 2014 5:12 am

The entire development team at Electronic Arts Sports are currently working on a permanent fix to the dreaded transfer bug that’s arisen is the last week or so in the Ultimate Team game mode. Taking action to notify gamers on social networking site Twitter, EA thanked players for their incredible patience and asked them not to stop transfer activity whilst a fix is being deployed to stop the issues from occurring.

The publishers also confirmed that an ETA will not be offered for the fix either. The FUT mode is the most popular and played feature on FIFA 15, gaining more users than the previously popular career mode. FUT allows players to make a dream team up of the best footballers on the planet using cards which are rated from Bronze, Silver and gold. Once the team is decent, gamers can then compete in a variety of leagues and cups to win more coins to spend on things such as chemistry styles, badges, managers and additional fifa 15 xbox one coins players.

If you haven’t yet upgraded to the next-generation consoles just yet and you’re looking for a deal that includes the number one football simulator on the planet, then you are in luck. Amazon UK are doing a great bundle deal that see’s an fifa 15 xbox 360 coins Xbox One console with the FIFA 15 game included for just £399. 99.

There’s also an optional Fighter Within game that’s thrown in completely free of charge as well, but the Ubisoft title has not had very good reviews since it launched so we’ll leave that one up to you. If you extend your spending to fifa 15 xbox 360 coins, you can acquire a copy of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition too.

Many gamers have been asking us on Twitter when they’ll get to play the best football title on their Windows Phone 8. Now though in the past couple of hours, Electronic Arts have officially confirmed that FIFA 15 is now available on the platform with immediate effect.
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