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executing, evolving and, most importantly of all, surviving individuals. But where are the sabre tooth's today? They're not in your lawn and they're not down the road or at the supermarket either. Humans have become top predator in most conditions and definitely in modern civilized world, but our neuro defend concepts, instead of updating itself, has adapted around modern life-time these days. Nowadays our stresses tend to be of money and materialistic possessions, wellness insurance wellness and fitness and relationships, not disappointed tigers on the loose. However, the common concepts interprets those feelings of tension or worry and problems or risk, just as it did two thousand years ago, but where do those feelings come from? Your concepts, they start with out how you are considering situations Negative forecasting = negativity = negative activity or response. How we think chooses how we encounter and how we encounter chooses how we act. Understanding this idea of the negative considering primary concepts vs the valuable solution considering intellect is central to getting charge and directing your concepts in the perfect way and harnessing your superpower into your superhero and not your super-villain - because it could go either way. People who think they are a glass 50 % empty unlucky spirit have unleashed the capability their super-villain - are these people efficient enjoying way of life to the whole, living way of life on their terms? Doubtful More likely they are diving into a bottle every day, blaming other every man and his dog for his inadequate luck, smoking, (do your own analysis - how many uber efficient individuals smoke?) disassociating themselves from any responsibility, wondering why they can't hold down a job or never get promoted, why they can't afford this or that - it's not their fault, it's everyone else's and the world owes them. This is the super-villain working at it's best (or worst) And do you know what - It's an choice. YOU select your extremely bad guy or superpower. You can figure out out how to choose and get that superpower working the way you want it to, bringing you those factors you want
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