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Postby arincin » Tue Feb 06, 2018 4:42 pm

Atekubi A bearish two-day candlestick combination. It consists of a
blank bar that closes at the daily high; the current closing price
equals the previous day's low. The original day's range is a long
black bar.Foreign Exchange Market
At par forward spread Forward price is zero; therefore, the spot price is
similar to the forward price. It reflects the fact that the foreign
interest rate is similar to the U.S. interest rate for that particular
At-the-money (ATM) option An option whose present currency price is
approximately equal to the strike price.

At the price stop-loss order A stop-loss order that must be executed at
the precise requested level, regardless of market conditions.
Average options Options that refer to the average rate of the
underlying currency that existed during the life of the option. This
rate becomes the strike in the case of the average strike options; or
it becomes the underlying, determining the intrinsic value when
compared to a predetermined fixed strike in the case of average rate
options. Average options can be based on the spot rate (spot style)
or on the forward underlying the option (forward style.) The average
can be calculated arithmetically or geometrically, and the rates can
be tabulated with a variety of frequencies.
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