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Post About your Main (and you!)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 9:11 pm
by Uriah
Figured I'd start a thread where folks can but a short bio of themselves and/or the main character they like to play.
Mention whatever you'd like to share, how long you've been playing, favorite class, etc. whatever works.

Re: Post About your Main (and you!)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 9:11 pm
by Uriah
Main : Uriahworld
Alts: Many!

What I do: Full-time college student (going on 3 years now) and Webdesigner/master on the side for small business (and guilds etc.).

Recent Summary: I've been playing (on my own account) since October 2005. I started that summer on a friends account and slowly migrating over to getting my own. Since that time, I've only taken 2 'breaks' from WoW. One while finishing up some RL stuff (in-which I did not raid but still logged in on occasion) which went for about a month. And the other time I've AFK'd from game was a recent one. It lasted for about 8 weeks unfortunately but things got straighten'd out so I'm back on and Raiding with the guild 2 nights a week.

WoW History:
Coming soon! (Placeholder)

Guild History:
Coming soon! (Placeholder)

Re: Post About your Main (and you!)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 9:44 pm
by Morpsend
Main: Morpsend (Horde Moon Guard) currently playing Morpsen (alliance -Illidan)
Alts: tons of alts, and all just gold holders

What I do: Average american worker/ wow player.

Recent summery: I've taken a break from raiding in Cata due to 3+ long years of raiding. I've taken breaks in the past to do long grinds such as the insane title but this time I took a complete break from anything but archeology. no instanes, no raids, no quests, just archeology. i've enjoyed my time away and I am looking forward to coming back to raiding soon. i've been working hard on archeology and I'm excited with this website and everything we are working on.

wow history: started playing shortly after the southpark episode. My friend had been trying for 6 months to get me to play the game, and the wow southpark episode was the moment i decided to download the trial account... i havent looked back since.

Guild history:
I started with a very small guild called Blood templars on Moon Guard. At level 53 i left the guild with a friend and joined Project Mayhem on Moon Guard. I was an Officer of that guild for over 2 years. I left the guild in November of 2009 and Joined Conviction on the realm Moon Guard. Once every expansion i transfer factions on my main character to complete all the quest content on the single toon. I am still a member of Conviction- Moon Guard, but I am currently on Alliance side of Illidan in the guild The Inevitable. To do the alliance content I come to illidan because i have many friends on the alliance side here.

Re: Post About your Main (and you!)

PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 1:04 pm
by Eodri
Main: Eodri (Horde Moon Guard)
Alts: Too many... >.>

What I do: Full time receptionist for a veterinarian/Part time art student/WoW addict

Recent summery: I've been on a casual break for the past month, taking th time to play alts and level all of Eodri's professions to cap. Also been contemplating working on my LoreMaster or starting Netherwing rep, but then I get distracted by the alts... Ooooh the alts~
I'll probably start raiding again starting this week. :D

WoW history: Been playing since the game came out and I'm not ashamed! Well, maybe a little ashamed... I've level-capped a priest on all three types of servers, ran arenas for a while, did hardcore raiding mostly, and now I'm content to rest on an RP server and raid for fun. I'm also convinced if I spend enough time with Morp that I will somehow acquire his goldmaking skills by proximity and will one day be hideously rich and bask gloriously in all the vanity items I could possibly desire.

Guild history: Ehrgeiz/Renewal on Azjol-Nerub from vanilla-BC, guildless on the tail end of BC-early Wrath on Steamwheedle Cartel, The Guildless/Last Ones Standing, a few guilds that lasted only a few months from Ulduar-ICC and now Conviction.

Re: Post About your Main (and you!)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:16 am
by Sploinks
Main: Zurazia of Moon Guard Horde
Alts: Polper

What I do: Cashier at Walmart and data entry for a publishing company. Part time student. Full time airhead. Take apart computers for fun. Paint a lot.

Recent summery: Help build up our small rp guild. Miss raiding from time to time, but don't have as much time as I used to with working two jobs. We've been doing a lot of pvp oriented content while I've been working on getting better at pvp since I sorta, well, really suck at it. Getting better though!

Wow history: Been playing for about 3? 4 years? I think? My first character was a hunter and my passion is always for that class, but I love being a healer more. I can't bring myself to play any other dps classes and, despite how I try to make alts, I get tunnel vision with my main. The only time I'm not healing is when I crave my roots as a hunter and bounce around pew pew-ing for awhile. Unless I've fallen asleep on the keyboard. Oh yeah. I've done that. During raids even.

Guild history: Currently in the Sorcerous Society . I doubt that's how it's even spelt. <,<;; Used to be in a raiding guild and, well, raided a lot, but, again, not enough time to dedicate to it anymore. That and staying up til the whee hours of the morning to do so isn't actually fun.

Fun Triva: Used to be a tauren named Slothful. I have two cats: Sascha and Franky. My weaknesses include chocolate, fleece and the Benny Hill theme song.

Re: Post About your Main (and you!)

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Re: Post About your Main (and you!)

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Re: Post About your Main (and you!)

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Re: Post About your Main (and you!)

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