They can press C to cancel the fine

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They can press C to cancel the fine

Postby rousutt » Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:27 pm

Visual effects toxins mine too, rely on the super-outbreak could completely abandon kick sand and garbage. Mogong deadly poison King is required to impose silence injury, after 85 balance hanbok revision skills is an important skill Mogong stream, in addition to the damage Chengqin months, after the arrest of a review of significant damage to a month in addition to the damage to 100% for each 80 month exception shock capture large version asset still tasteless skills. Said it could throw garbage kick spray of sand, and the outbreak of a stable pure poison Mogong Duwang rely Ray 14 seconds CD is that you can give up kicking sand and dirt, fascinates hanbok Mogong Duwang due mainly to the about the power of magic type while kicking sand Dungeon Fighter Online Gold and put garbage into force damage, and can save a lot of other SP, and waste if they can press C to cancel the fine, the most important thing is to play sand and debris and injury solid, growth was very low, of course, like kicking sand still fill, but you can refer us to at least kick sand must teach at least Ex, kicking sand and trash entangled in the fact that these skills are a waste of two points TP, how do you see their own discretion. Hurricane whole leg, then refers to the Ex, with six times the proportion of injuries throughout 5000, due to the Ex's 03: 00 TP, very careless, leg storm moves generally refers to jump. Swelling of the month, the balance of influence double throw, after throw double CD properly revised budget, worth more! Passive poison is a poison, and is full of, what goes on saying. Kick following text: This ability is quite clear that mob filled using the CD, and the frequency of use is not very high, and 85 copies and give up quite so personal habits. Active hurt ratio awakening magic, and filled version 0.80 spokeswoman Jia pile of eight points can be stacked to 9, if there's a pile of 9 DNF equipment can save some SP. Broken bricks still critical element passage opening BOSS DNF controller. BOSS DNF basic rhythm: the opening of brick breaking blast hit tune Halo DNF BOSS- training - Active Awakening - Net - deadly attack bricks - Ray poison - the dawn of awakening activated. If a good basic equipment Xiecai BOSS DNF. Configuration TP: someone throwing sand, caught on the moon, the poison Thunder, net 3, and the net three fast attack without fear of interruption. Until then, we are talking about pure weapons and equipment Mogong Duwang DNF access options as follows: First review of skills to the limit of the toxic pile-coated: full 17 level, contract 2. Pure poison Mogong is the key. We are sure to see: millipede centipede claw + 3 (Interfax evil Claw + 2 level, but by 25% in a very impressive, version 80 is 150 seconds); Oriharcon chest + 1 level. Paris wrist Night + level 1 attack; The sky activities: + 1 level of high-tech workshops. Fashion tops + 1 level; Theoretically top 26, but because of the dog disease covers 6 center, in fact, can only stack 25.
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