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The destination of our scheduled adventure is the next item we should discuss. A family member could be chosen to research area camping grounds and camping areas. If our destination is a long distance from home Cheap Jerseys From China , the routes, logistics of the trip, (such as planned rest areas and availability of fueling stations on route) could be delegated to one of the older siblings. Another research item would be to check the availability of replenishing our food supply if we begin running low while on the extended family outings. They, will be more able to use web research for the items and make them feel more accountable in the planning of the adventure.

Another item to be researched is, if the camping ground or area, allows open fires or if we will have to bring camping stoves for meals and warmth. If open fire areas are available. Can we gather firewood or should we bring it with us?

There are many options available for the purchase of camp items that may be considered necessary by the family for an extended family camping trip. Items such as camp stoves, tables, special sleeping accommodations and even a camping ovens. They are readily available at camping stores, online and some of the larger department stores.

The next thing to be considered is the food. In the past when we planned an extended camping trip (5 to 7 days), we froze the meats that we planned on cooking at least 3 days, then packed them in their own ice chest. This proved to be the best option Cheap Jerseys China , for us, to prevent spoilage and possible contamination.

Perishables are another matter. Condiments, milk, bread and sandwich making meats were put into their own ice chest with frozen water bottles added to keep them cool. It must be remembered that we should plan on at least two liters of water per person, for each day of the camping excursion.

When we made extended camping adventures, we generally had three 50quart (47 liter) ice chests. One for the frozen meats, one for the perishables and one for other items. Such as hygiene supplies, toiletries, flashlights, matches!! And other necessities. Water supplies were stored in the available areas of the three ice chests.

Another item that we found to be of extreme necessity, is a ground sheet. The ground sheet is put on the ground where we will pitch our camping tent. It serves several purposes such as preventing twigs and small branches from making holes in the bottom of the tent floor and also conserves heat. We used a piece of indooroutdoor carpeting the same size as the tent floor. Other alternatives can be researched on the web Cheap Jerseys , as they are readily available.

We hope that this article will assist in the planning of your Family Camping Trip and make it an enjoyable and memorable adventure. We hope it has offered suggestions that you may find useful and beneficial for you and your family to enjoy your extended family outing. Enjoy yourselves, “Happy Trails” and go out and create some “Family Lore”.
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