fifa 16 ut coins said the champions league is more important

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fifa 16 ut coins said the champions league is more important

Postby canghai2015 » Mon Jun 06, 2016 11:04 pm

The champions league and la liga king's cup double, which weight is more heavy? Bell's answer is every trophy "important", ronaldo will choose the former. Cristiano ronaldo made it clear, according to the champions league double component is more important than Barcelona." To win the champions league, the double weight is heavier than Barcelona. To win the champions league is a dream come true, I really think so from the heart." Cristiano ronaldo has clear his attitude is buy fifa 16 coins online.

Celebrating the la liga title in Barcelona, pique suspected imitate cristiano ronaldo, C Ronaldo comment: "they even won, won't forget me, but there is no personal between I and peak."Ronaldo failed to retain the European golden boot, the Portuguese regret: "in the case of so close to the golden boot, of course I am tired of learning. But suarez fully deserve the European golden boot, he's been exceptional this season."

Cristiano ronaldo also talked with mini's a funny thing happened: "I have a son has always stressed that is my dream, he changed me a lot. Once he went home and said to me, 'daddy, bell speed is faster than you.' I told him that no one is faster than me. He said, 'at school, everybody said the (buy fifa 16 coins for your team) bell is faster, and messi also hope to have your right foot.' these words brings me happiness, he is still a child. (get read more)"
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