fifa 16 ut coins super real Madrid into domestic title

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fifa 16 ut coins super real Madrid into domestic title

Postby canghai2015 » Mon Jun 06, 2016 11:06 pm

Facing the Europa league overlord seville, Barcelona 2-0 prevail. The victory that Barcelona succeeded in defending the double. Barcelona won the king's cup, 28 times in the history of this data is the most of Spanish history. This is 7 times in the history of Barcelona to the Spanish king cup double, red and blue on the domestic number of heavyweight title also completed the transcendence of real Madrid (get fifa 16 ultimate team coins).

Real Madrid for Europe is king, the white already took 10 champions league trophy. But in Spain, Barcelona team is number one.In the league, barca 24 times. In the king's cup, Barcelona 28 times. Rule out the league cup, the Spanish super cup, cup, Barcelona in the king's cup and la liga win a total of 52, the data in history the first place. Has just been lead against real Madrid, Barcelona, with 51 champions league ranked second, domestic white legion to 32 the Spanish champions and 19 king's cup.

Barcelona this season has ended, the red and blue in la liga and king cup completed the defending. From the process point of view, Barcelona the defending double is extremely difficult. Injuries throughout the season, Barcelona, messi seriously injured after two months, lafite, alves, alba, Virginia mathieu, vermaelen, Kitty, and others have appeared different degree of injury. Plus Barcelona was the FIFA banned signing up half of the season, the red and blue real ability to pressure the defending Spanish, it is not easy.
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