Addon Request (LF Author/scripter)

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Addon Request (LF Author/scripter)

Postby Uriah » Tue Jun 21, 2011 8:48 pm

Hello folks, I'm branching out to the forums here to see if there is anyone who is interested (and is capable) in the following:
WoW Dig Site would love to have an Artifact Profile for player's characters. This would function very similar to what Wowhead can do with it's client/uploader which is track what quests you have complete, pets, mounts, recipes, etc.
Unfortunately it does not track solve counts and such for your Archaeology projects/surveys.
Myself and some others would love to be able to collect the statistical data from players to use it for various stats on this website. Such as how rare that darn Zin'rokh is or how lucky some can be with the RNG.

Anyways, my expertise does not extend to LUA scripting/addons so I'd be happy to meet/talk with someone who could do this. The website database details would also be something to work out, the hard part is getting the player data online. Once it's up/online then manipulating it would not be to difficult, I believe.
If such a thing could be made, then it has the potential for having say\REGION\REALM\CHARACTER kind of setup for people to show-off or just check there Archaeology stats/status around the community.

Would capture a players Aracheology info, such as the Solves that Macros let you see.
Potentially Track/collect survey patterns and dig sites
Potentially collect data to have a very complete Map overlay of actual survey points

Website End of it:
Character Profiles
Statistical Graphs
A higher "in-depth" view of the inner-workings of Archaeology (with data to back-up claims)

If anyone reading this is up to the task or could get in touch with someone who could and is interested, then that is fantastic!

It is an exciting prospect but again, it requires the technical know-how of some Addon development that I do not have personally.

I plan to approach Wowhead about this sometime but I'd love to have it in-house so to speak. If Wowhead or the Battlenet Armory ever update to support such data mentioned above then pulling it from their servers would be possible, I imagine.

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