You need to have a total of 1000 samples bars

You need to have a total of 1000 samples bars

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After reducing the number of records and a record level of 60 now you can cut yew logs! 2. Enter the ax Ron and find a place where the Commonwealth of Independent States, and is located next to the travel time shorter.3. Beginning yew cut a few records. Must them.4 3500. Upon completion of all databases and sell them to other members. You can sell it for a million gold coins! Yes, many of zeros.Steel bar: 1. steel beams used for items such as armor. You will see at least 30 to extract iron ore and coal. | 2. On the basis of the coal mines in 2000, because it is the hardest part. When you're done with that, go ahead and start cutting in 1000 ores.3 Hierro. Take iron ore and coal and steel rods melting furnace. When you do this, you need to have a total of 1000 samples bars.4. Go to the bank in Falador and sales of 500 coins each steel bar! You must have a total of 500,000 of its sales. He decided to stop the 'FIFA' to destroy his regime a new attack. There is no way you can not ignore the crime, but it can be players to play the ball a second chance, and I think people know about the time of their errors. (Instead of getting a slap on the hand with you, just in the corner of a conical hat set.) The offenses do not do more than one year, it is very likely to be absent from the recording. Do not get black spots on their mistakes, and instead look at the offensive side of the offensive reference. There are two types of columns: recorded crimes bad enough to cause prohibited and led other crimes beam scored only silence. This will allow for easier ziennde within the law 'FIFA'. Footballer banned account or quiet allowed the right to appeal. Then the support team 'FIFA' (judge of his colleagues) to deal with crime and decide if it is guilty or not guilty. This is especially useful for those who have had their accounts stolen and misused. Also, if you have a user account and I have a lot of time in traffic to football after 21 days, you have another opportunity to organize appeal.Some FIFA Coins takes complaints of ill-treatment. Here are the three games you can report the classification of Honor - crimes of fraud and deception, and trade in the real world, using etc.RESPECT Macro - crimes related to improper behavior, such as threats and insults, discrimination, safety, etc. - Safety in real applications of crimes true communication, advertisement, or a quiet etc.Receiving FIFA ban will lead to the same procedure on the forums. Therefore, the issue for both players when he played football and when or Forum. If you are currently a ban or register crimes, you can read the disc matter how these changes can affect how long it takes to blame.
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