I had an absolute blast meeting new players

I had an absolute blast meeting new players

Postby rousutt » Fri Apr 10, 2015 2:29 am

Fixed True friends defend the farms of their allies. "There are not enough co-op missions." GPG's solution: Add some new co-op missions, leave many solo-only I didn't hear this complaint very often, but for some people it's a big deal-breaker. If recent content is any indication, GPG is making this a top priority. Those new Alliance Wars quests I just mentioned can all be done co-op. But it's way better than that--playing them in co-op completely changes the way they function to maximize your avenues for cooperation. For example, one mission tasks you with converting villagers on the map to build a wonder in your base. Play it solo and you get two priests and two villagers--you have to convert everything else, including a military to defend yourself. But bring a buddy, and he'll play as a champion unit that can recruit military units from military buildings in your base and work to defend the massively increased military threat while you focus on converting villagers. It plays like two completely different missions, and I had an absolute blast meeting new players and struggling through the new content together. That said, a fair number of the leveling missions are still solo-only. Verdict: On it's way, but still needs some lovin' Large groups of shirtless men will liven things up a bit. "The missions are too repetitive." GPG's solution: Make the new guild wars 2 gold campaigns significantly more varied As I mentioned above, the new endGuild Wars 2 game missions are very creative and not a single one could be considered boring. On top of that, the missions in the new Celt campaign are some of the finest, most entertaining I've played in an RTS (from a mechanics perspective--the story is very weak). But, the original campaigns are still loaded with some boring missions desperately in need of the fresh ideas showered on the new content. If repetitive missions really bother you, you'll need to stick with the Celts. Verdict: Halfway there! 2v4? Not a problem when you're as good as me. Nah, just kidding, I'm toast. "There's no random map mode like other AoE Guild Wars 2 games." GPG's solution: Add random map mode with variable AI, support with quests Simple problem, simple solution. The Skirmish mode costs $5 to unlock (or 500 Empire Points earned through the Alliance Wars, which are free), and gives you everything we've come to expect from AoE's random maps. You can set teams, invite players and add AI enemies/allies (which can be given nine different AI personalities that adjust their playstyle), change victory conditions, tweak starting resources, and all the rest. Verdict: Fixed Cartoons still bleed. Remember that when you're laughing at wanton violence on Saturday morning. "The cartoony graphics are stupid."
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