Scene two. Fut coins Bullets

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Scene two. Fut coins Bullets

Postby jeekqing » Wed Dec 31, 2014 6:22 am

Scene two.Fut coins Bullets bang into the aperture anatomy as the man sprints out of the architecture alley and slides into the acting assurance of an office. He fires as he retreats into the room, acquisitive to accord his enemies pause. A quick seek reveals some armament and, luckily, a added pistol. Armed like the gunslingers of old and activity the accustomed adrenal rush, he strides out of the aperture and accoutrements down one, two, three of the guards abode down on him. A snarky badinage rises to his lips, but is deadened off in a barrage of arrangement from the balustrade above. He holsters his pistols and whips out an SMG in one bland motion, afresh empties a blow that destroys his antagonist and the bare awning that bootless to assure him. The man is in his element. Sprinting up the staircase, he runs abrupt into a soldier wearing, what is that, an exoskeleton? The afterwards shootout doesn't favor the fighter, and now he's blood-soaked and breath heavily. Ducking abaft a corner, he earns a abrupt respite, but his bloom charcoal alarmingly low. The man agilely affairs his next move. His adversary advances. Unnerving villains, an alien world, audacious gunplay, and fast-paced action
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