Football Manager 2012

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Football Manager 2012

Postby canghai2015 » Tue Feb 24, 2015 9:20 pm

The problem with reviewing a game like Football Manager 2012 is that how do you compare a game that doesn't need polishing up, or better textured graphics, or even gampelay to another?

Since 2005 Football Manager has been excellent. The graphics have been superb, the storyline was always perfect and even the management function was brilliant. Now that 2012 has been released the complexity and depth of the series has been retained and it seems no room has been left for improvement. Every year it just seems to get better and better. This new release is fatter and bigger with lots of new cool features bursting from its seams.

In Football Manager 2012 we see a new look in management. Now you can remove or add large football clubs with one click on the control button. You are not restricted to the teams and clubs you chose when you started the game. The pixels have been increased and your overall picture is sharper and denser than ever before. You can almost play in 1680 x 1050 if you have the right graphics card.

Tactics can be adjusted to your preference with the three setups offered on startup. The game gives you feedback on how you will most likely perform in each scenario so you have better control and judgment compared to last year's game. You can play different styles in each match giving you the ability to alter your gameplay if need be because you're a goal down and your present tactics aren't working. There is a tactics screen so you can adjust your players' workload and performance quickly and effortlessly. If you're playing a big match you will most likely make many changes while on the field. This diversity makes the game almost lifelike. You can scream at the ref, complain, and do just about anything.

You can fifasell delegate any of your functions to your many coaches and any member of your staff can make suggestions or even implement new strategies. This leaves you free to concentrate on the more important tasks of making your team a success. You can choose to fifasell address your players in different tones, screaming and shouting at them if they do something wrong or fifasell congratulate them in sober manner if they perform well. You also receive feedback as how your tone has affected them, so you can make big improvements if need be.

The statistics are the lifeblood of the game. With a vast array of fine detail added to the charts you can never make a mistake and winning the gold at the final stage is more attainable.

Football Manager 2012 is one of the most exciting sports games of all time, but certainly not the best.

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