Moon Diver

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Moon Diver

Postby canghai2015 » Tue Feb 24, 2015 9:27 pm

If you like being a ninja then you have found the ultimate ninja game. Test your fighting skills against the most fearsome ninja fighters to invade the planet. There are many enemies to conquer and lots of obstacles to overcome. The game is jam packed with excitement. What else do you expect from a ninja arcade game?

Moon Diver was designed by Koichi Yotsui. The same person who designed the unforgettable Strider that became the biggest hit in arcade action in 1985. During that time hack and slash was the norm. People loved this type of action and killing frenzy. The game was a huge success. Moon Diver follows in its footsteps.

You can choose multiplayer mode or single and regardless of which mode you play, you definitely won't be bored.

The game starts off with you mowing down enemies in an exciting fight scene. It's all action from the very beginning. You use all your power and prowess to eliminate as many opponents as possible. You have to hack and slash your way through a mass of enemy fighters. Lucky for you the control buttons are easy to use and you can select your next moves in record smashing time. They respond instantly and your thoughts are their command.

This is a 2D game and the graphics are not that fantastic. But they are good enough for you to enjoy this fast paced action arcade game. You won't be overly disappointed by the colors and scenes of a somewhat older graphics engine that may have seen the best of days a few years ago. It does what it's supposed to do. Deliver the action as fifa 15 coins fast as possible. You will die a hundred deaths, but you can reload your saved game and avoid the same mistakes twice.

Each player has four main assault moves that are very devastating. Their special powers are awesome. There are not too many different things you can do, so generally you'll be doing repetitive stuff over and over as you battle the enemies. Great for people who don't like learning a myriad of complicated controls and strategies. You just move forward killing as you go along.

You can skip some enemies and avoid fighting them, but you will have lost out on the experience and it may impede you in the future as you progress. You would not have gained the required fifasell knowledge to beat them and future enemies may compound on this weakness.

The music is good. It sets the mood for the scenes and you will become addicted. It won't be easy putting down the controls when logic suggests its time to stop playing games and get fifa 15 coins online along with real life. You can easily become mentally addicted to fighting and think you are a real ninja. Put on your ninja outfit put your glasses away and start playing.

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