Engraved with a phoenix

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Engraved with a phoenix

Postby ylq123 » Wed May 08, 2019 11:06 pm

Engraved with a phoenix title map, beautiful and elegant, like a mountain flower flying. There are stone tables and stone benches in the cave; there is a stone monument on the side of the cave, which shows the origin of the Phoenix Rock and the Phoenix book. The meaning is: the Yellow Emperor and the Chiyou battle are invincible Wholesale Menthol Cigarettes. Wangmu sent nine days of mysterious female to the Phoenix title book to the Yellow Emperor, so the victory is Chiyou. There is a couplet in the hole: "Yu Kun floating in a state, the sun and moon jump double pills. "Uplink is to say that the heavens and the earth float out of the landscape of Dianchi, because it faces Dianchi Lake; the lower link means that the sun and the moon jump and jump like two ball. A short couplet, but writes the extraordinary Phoenix book, pick up The order is the old palace. Because the grotto is in front of me, I am anxious to see the grotto, and I don��t want to go to the old palace. The grotto door is like the archway. It is called the Putuo holy scene. After entering, the narrow grotto spirals up and goes to the pedestrians. It is necessary to make sideways side-by-side. There are stone windows on the grottoes, and the probes on the columns, the abyss and the abyss, are thrilling. Looking at the Dianchi Lake from a distance, people say: "From the ancient Huashan Road." "There is only one way in the grotto. I climbed for 2 minutes. I saw a book on the stone room. "Fuhai is infinite. It is also Putuo." The upper and lower floors are arranged in the center of the stone room for the Putuo image. There are two couplets on both sides. The tourists are too crowded. I saw a pair: "Yang Xiaowan is away from the Tianjiwu, and it is right in the middle of the water." Obviously it is a landscape of water and sky. The Taoist base has a Buddhist cave, showing the great influence of Buddhism and Taoism. There is a semi-circular observation deck surrounded by stone columns, standing on the stone fence and looking around: on the wind and the wind, the view of the Longmen archway and the cliff cliff; the next to the cliff Buy Newport Online Cheap, the view of the five hundred miles of the pool, the vast waves of smoke, the clouds steamed Xia Wei, Yuanshan Hey, the white clouds are long, the fluttering desires go down the stone level, and the chisel marks on the stone wall are felt, only to realize that they are stepping on the sweat of the ancestors, so that the spirit is great and it is easy to come to the Dragon Gate. Seeing half of the gantry archway on the cliff, it was cut in the ground, and the golden word "longmen" on the top of the door. Under the crossbrow of the door, there is a dragon ball engraved. It is said that people will be lucky when they touch it. People, they will touch this with their hands. It is a very wide place for grottoes, but it is more than ten square meters. There is a stone incense burner in the middle, burning blue smoke, and the clouds that are coiled on the cliffs. It can actually depict you and me. I have you. There is a god on the cliff, there are three arches, and the top of the main entrance is engraved with ��Tianlin Seaview, Datian Pavilion��, which is arranged in two rows. The tops of the two sides are engraved with the words ��Mingshan�� and ��Shishi��, and the middle door has a couplet. : "It is difficult to stand up and keep your heels steady; "This is not only the advice to the climbers, but also the philosophical deity of the human being is the Kuixing, the god of the article; the north side is the Emperor Wenchang, the master of the name and the name of the god; the south side is the Guan Sheng emperor, the main slaughter The god of the demon demon. The two walls are engraved with the statue of Shen Jun, the ceiling is engraved with a cloud of clouds, the cranes fly, a peach, red leaves, and a vivid fruit. The concept is wonderful, the craftsmanship is superb, as long as you look closely Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S, you will find that Kui Xing The nib of the hand is attached to another. I remembered that in the Sanqing Pavilion, I saw the legendary meaning on the eight stone inscriptions: the Emperor of the Sui Dynasty for three years, the imperial examination, the Yunnan Millennium is not the champion. There are legends: "There is no gantry on the list of mountains. When the wall is smashed out of the gantry, there will be people who will slam the dragon gate, and the gold medal title will win the world. "A young stonemason, with the girl who fell in love, heard the legend of "cutting the gantry, out of the champion", standing under the gantry, determined to cut the dragon door and marry again.
The scholars of the Confucian scholars heard that some people had to cut the gantry and they helped each other. Young stonemasons and partners, regardless of the day and night, the rock is not only the rock, the girl delivers the water, the sewing and washing, I do not know how many years of cold and heat Carton Of Marlboro Reds Free Shipping, finally carved out the Dragon Gate and Datian Pavilion. The young stonemason suspected that the pen in the hands of Kui Xing was not pointed and carefully carved, and did not damage the tip of the pen. The stonemason was heartbroken and jumped down the dragon gate. The girl sat down on the cliff all day, and the tears flowed for five hundred miles, turning into Dianchi, tears. As soon as possible, the body became Xishan. Therefore, in the west of the distant pool, it is like a sleeping beauty. After piercing the cloud hole Buy Expensive Cigarettes Online, it took 5 minutes to get to the end. Out of the grottoes, I saw the steep cliffs of the cliff, and the dragon gate came to an abrupt end. I felt a bit of hardship, and I was replaced by Shandeng. I was the peak, and I was so far away from the pool. The water went to the boundless world. I was so eager to see the world. What other troubles can't be thrown away? I can think of the migrant workers who participated in the Longmen project that year. Once the joy of the completion of the project is relatively large, I turned back to see the hole, the word "Tiantai" on the horizontal. There is a feeling of standing on the roof. On both sides of the stone cave, it is the place where the couplet is the most, and it actually reaches four. From the script, the book, the curse to the cursive, a pair of fonts, and the momentum is extraordinary. The book "The rain is diving into the sea, the sunset is on the road, and the sunset is on the road"; the "holes are narrow and deep into doubt, and the peaks and turns are turned into the sky"; "The cursive" "Viewing the earth and exploring the mountains and rivers in the peaks, holding the buckets of the nebula and the cranes" is an ancient couplet. They are all traditional characters, and they are also mixed with different characters. If you scribble again, it is more difficult to identify. I am there. Guessing the Mongolian, I have been trying for a long time, only to see that the left side of the platform is engraved with the "big shovel gantry, Pangu open roof." It is described as the gantry is carved by people like Datun; the roof is like Pangu The people who open up are undoubtedly the ones who will be excavated, and the gods that are supreme are generally! On the cliffs, after more than seventy years of experience, the efforts of several generations, the opening of thousands of grottoes and so many Taoist attractions, did not dare to be the first spirit can not be seen after turning around, facing the sky and five In the Baili Dianchi, my legs are soft. If it is not a hand-held stone fence, there is a little bit of it. It is really a hard-boned feeling. I really think that I am in the misty clouds. At this time, I realized the metaphor of "a tens of thousands of times to climb the gantry, worth the price". The feeling that I used to be here is more than a hundred times worth? Just like the silkworm cocoon has become a colorful butterfly, it is only to be able to float to the top of the Dianchi. If it wasn��t for the tour guide��s urging, if it��s a god, it might be a fly, and the feathers have reached the end. I��m thinking about returning to the original road. I was told by the tour guide: ��The original road is not interesting, I will take you from other When the place goes down, we can look at some scenery. Of course we can't ask for it. Follow him behind him, turn left from the top of the rooftop to the Caiyun Cave, and climb the hole more than 20 meters to the "Huifengtai". There is a stone pillar standing on top of the ground. The tour guide said: We have climbed from the altitude of more than 1900 meters to the top of the gantry of more than 2,200 meters. It is like this stone pillar. Since then, it has really been back to the peak, which has tasted the softness of the mountain. The feeling of shaking down the mountain legs. After going down the mountain, I was very tired. I only took the bus back to the bus and drove down the mountain road. I was still swaying and still feeling above the peak. I thought: If from the rooftop, like Zhangjiajie I would like to have an elevator, go straight to the top of the mountain, build a hotel, a thousand dollars a night, I will experience a mile in the mountains, to the night, quiet, open the window, listen to the sound of the pool It seems that the tide washes the heart and is generally hearty; when you look at the moon in the sky, you can touch the heart with almost the same feelings; when you look at the lights under the mountain, how many joys and sorrows are densely packed, you will realize the red dust and the dust; In the middle of the squat, the bed floats like a cloud, like the feeling of swaying on a hammock; watching the red sun that arches out the clouds in the early morning is like getting a new life. What is the life?
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Re: Engraved with a phoenix

Postby bernice825 » Thu May 16, 2019 6:05 am

Looks fun
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