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Postby ylq123 » Fri Mar 29, 2019 11:11 pm

The "Cangyang Gyatso Love Song", which has always been obsessed with the Internet and the folks, is a poetry of 300 years ago, but it has the style of modern poetry. I don��t know much about Tsangyang Gyatso. I can only know one or two from the poems or stories circulating on the Internet and in the private world. The superficial cognition of Cangyang Gyatso is a collection of religion and politics in the Sixth Dalai Lama. The ruler of the nation has the supreme right, but it is a political paralysis. But he is loyal to love and writes many popular love poems, which are widely spread among the people and at home and abroad. Although he is obsessed with his poetry Free Carton Of Newports, he still does not really have a book or poem about him. This time, I took my child to Anshun School��s teeth. By the way, I went to the Sisif Book House and saw the "Cangyang Gyatso Poems". I was delighted to buy it. When I got home, I couldn��t wait to open it. I entered the storm three hundred years ago. The book of the era of Yang Jiacao's poems was published by Jiangsu Literature and Art Publishing House. The authoritative nature of the book is not to be said. The academic circles are still exploring and researching the fascinating generals of the history of the history of Cangyang Gyatso. The poetry in the book is based on the in-depth study of the life of Cangyang Gyatso and the in-depth study of the characteristics of Tibetan national literature. The author re-translated the "Cangyang Gyatso Love Song" with the aim of correcting the pre-translated knowledge of Tsangyang Gyatso. To restore the universal care of poetry, the Tibetan people's religious devotion, their enthusiasm for life, and their praise for beauty. In 82 years, it was a landmark year in Tibet of China. The fifth Buddhist monk of the Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama, was killed by the Dalai Lama, and the highest political executive of Tibet, Bashansan Gyatso, blocked the news of the death of Rosang Gyatso. Up to 15 years. During these 15 years, Tsang Sangjie Gyatso secretly visited the reincarnation of Luosang Gyatso and secretly cultivated it for 10 years. When the reincarnated soul boy was 15 years old, Sanjie Jiacuo forced the public to report the news that Luosang Gyatso had passed away for 15 years and reported the situation to the Qing government. The Qing government enshrined the reincarnation of the soul for the sixth generation of Tibet for the stability of Tibet. The Dalai Lama, the fifth Panchen Lama gave his legal name, Cangyang Gyatso Sanjay Gyatso, why should he conceal the news and secrets of the death of the fifth Dalai Lama, Rosang Gyatso, and secretly cultivate the reincarnated soul boy and secretly cultivate it for 10 years? Gyatoli wants to smother, monopolize power, and hold the political ruling, and "Cangyang Gyatso's Poems" is another way of saying that it has to return to that period of time. Gyatso is the fifth Dalai Lama, Rosang Gyatso, cultivated himself from childhood. The executives around them have great trust in them. When Rosang Gyatso died, he made a secret entrustment to Sanjay Gyatso: the Mongolians could not be allowed to intervene in the Gelug faction, clear their political forces in Tibet, and secretly search for reincarnated soul children as soon as possible to prevent children from being too young to contact the outside world too early. Under the control of others, and secretly cultivated him into a living Buddha with a superb Buddhist and willingness. The entrustment of Rosang Gyatso is actually a political will. When the fifth Dalai Lama was still young, the Gelug Sect encountered a crisis of life and death. At that time, the Tukha Khan of the Khalkha in Mongolia, the Tibetan Bakha of the Karma regime, and the Bailey toast of the Kang district. In the alliance, vowed to eliminate the Gelug Sect. The Fifth Dalai Lama invited Gushi Khan of the Mongolian and Shuo Special Department to use force to eradicate hostile forces. He originally wanted to form an alliance with the Heshuo Special Department, but he stayed here after the Sot Mongolians came to Tibet. Although they helped the Gelug Sect to establish political power, they held power everywhere and lasted for 50 years. The Dalai Lama knew that this was a time bomb. If the Hessian Mongols and the Gelug Sects had a day of disharmony, the fate of the Gelug Sect was still in the hands of the Mongols. Therefore, he supported Guldan and hoped that it would Become a farther and stronger allied army. After Gushi Khan��s death, he successfully made the Heshuote part into two parts. One is in need of defense in Tibet, and the other is in the Qinghai line. When these two forces cannot continue to cooperate, it is the Gelug Sect. When it is safe. The Dalai Lama handed over this important political will to Sanjay Gyatso. Sanjay Gyatso was too small for the reincarnation of the soul boy, and Rosang Gyatso trusted and cultivated himself, and wanted to fulfill his last wish, giving Tsangyang Gyatso a Taiping��s political environment Buy Newport 100S Online, single-mindedly following the political ideas of Sanjie Gyatso to complete his last wish Newport 100S Carton Wholesale. However, Sanjie Gyatso did not see that the form has changed. It is simply not feasible to follow the line of Luosang Gyatso. He also brought himself to no return. After the death of Khan Muljale, the new Lazang Khan thought that the removal of Sanjie Gyatso would control the whole of Tibet. I did not expect that Tsangyang Gyatso, who had grown up, was a mountain in front of him. He wanted to kill him, but he could only blame the upper body for removing the living Buddha. So he reported to the Emperor Kangxi many times that he said that Tsangyang Gyatso was a fake lama. He was indulged in the wine all day, and he did not keep the rules. He asked the Qing emperor to abolish him. . Khan thought that Emperor Kangxi would execute Zangyang Gyatso, and the purpose of Emperor Kangxi was that since Cangyang Gyatso was fake, he was brought back to Beijing. In the helplessness of Lazang Khan, he was only able to rush with the Gelugpai to grab the Tsangyang Gyatso and send him to the capital. On the way to Beijing, I received the imperial decree of Emperor Kangxi. I asked a lot of questions in the sacred purpose. One of them was "You sent me the Dalai Lama at this time. What do I do?" At this time, Gyatso Weighing again and again, only his disappearance will not increase casualties, in order to maintain the peace of the two factions, the next day he magically disappeared. As he wished, the two factions had nothing to do with each other for more than a decade; as Kangxi��s wish, Zangyang Gyatso��s ��sickness�� was exchanged for Tibet��s stability for more than a decade in the Qing Dynasty Wholesale Cigarette. The love of Tsangyang Gyatso in the out of print at the Potala Palace is worthy of careful consideration. At the age of five, Tsangyang Gyatso was recognized by Sanjay Gyatso as the reincarnation of the fifth Dalai Lama and was secretly cultivated for ten years. According to the relevant regulations of Tibetan Buddhism, the reincarnated soul boy who was confirmed as a living Buddha should be isolated from the outside world, and even his biological parents should not be close. He left his hometown at the age of five. Five-year-old children can confuse human love? Is this legend ridiculous? Overview Zangyang Gyatso is also a living Buddha with political revenge, and Sanjay Gyatso wants to grow the Gelug Sect but the two Political views are different and contradictory. For this reason, Tsangyang Gyatso refused to accept the bhikkhu ring of the Fifth Panchen Lama and asked for the return of the Shami Ring. Therefore, the Buddhist disciples who did not know the truth mistakenly believed that Cangyang Gyatso did not obey the rules, and also told Lazang Khan that he was indulging in wine. Keeping the rules and regulations creates opportunities. And the ancestral and wild history of Tsangyang Gyatso is a deliberate rebel who is imprisoned in life, politically manipulated, yearning for freedom and love, inner depression, indulging in sensuality, and imposing commandments and tactics. Is it important for an important religious national leader to have an important position in the history of Tibetan literature in the history of Tibetan literature, and it has had far-reaching influence among the Tibetan people, and it is also a striking surprise in the world of poetry. . Reincarnation children need to learn Buddhist, astronomical, literary, historical, medical and other knowledge from an early age. In his study, Tsangyang Gyatso came into contact with a "Poetry" of India's Sandin, which had a tremendous impact on his life and left many popular poems for later generations. His poems include at least 10 translations in English, French, Japanese, Russian, and Hindi, and folks circulate his poems. In addition to several poems of Kamakura Yang Gyatso, some scholars believe that as a religious family, they have received strict religion. The religious leader of education, his works more reflect the "political poetry", "dharma poetry", "life poetry" in the specific historical background lacking freedom of life and being framed, while poetry often uses metaphors and analogies. In other ways, it seems that the love between men and women in his poetry should have nothing to do with love. "Cangyang Gyatso Poetry" re-translated "Cangyang Gyatso Love Song", which is classified into four series: earth, water, fire and wind. Its purpose is to restore the history, politics, literature and life image of Tsangyang Gyatso. Tsangyang Gyatso is not just a living Buddha, but a Buddha who truly thinks about the world has always been in my wounds. I have let go of the world. Never let go of you / my life in the mountains and rivers / let you say goodbye / world affairs / in addition to life and death / which is not a gossip / who's privacy is not returned to the light / funeral flowers open and close / Bodhi The fruit played the empty mountain / tell me / the footprints you hide under the fallen leaves / hints how many sacrifices / for me to be concealed by the secular world when I was concealed / turned around / I was offended by the offense Simple / mentally complex / then the lovers make the most sensitive place / for my heartache / and I sit alone with the Mishan/ will see Wanli floating clouds at the sight of Bodhisattva / impermanence / look back / Buddha is Buddha / I am you" I am only superficially from the network Cheap Newport Cigarettes Cartons Online, folks and "Cangyang Gyatso Poetry" to understand Cangyang Gyatso and his poetry, re-translated poetry let me have to Cangyang Gyatso A new understanding and understanding, more reverence and love. But no Before translation or re-translation of poetry, history has not yet conclusive, when only eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom.
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Postby diqilyvon » Sun Nov 17, 2019 11:36 am

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Postby BillyJhonson » Tue Nov 26, 2019 2:00 pm

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