nike air max 97 silver Cyber Monday Sale 2017

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nike air max 97 silver Cyber Monday Sale 2017

Postby hndfgfgwee » Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:27 pm


To nike air max 97 black Black Friday Sale 2017 celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Air Max 97, Nike is bringing back some of the most beloved colorways of this popular model. First it was the original "Metallic Silver" or "Silver Bullet" colorway, and next up is the Nike Air Max 97 "Metallic Gold". Featuring an iconic Nike design that was inspired by the Japanese Bullet Train, this rendition also has an arresting Metallic Gold upper, reflective lines that wraparound the shoe, and of course, a visible full-length Max Air cushioning unit.

Following in the footsteps nike air max 97 silver Cyber Monday Sale 2017 of the recent reissue of the legendary ‘La Silver’, it’s gold counterpart is soon due to follow. Replacing the muted greys found on the OG with a headturning all over gold treatment, this release helps emphasise the reflective 3M accents that run across the sides of the sleek upper, inspired by Japan’s incredible Bullet Train.

Such nike air max 97 og Black Friday Sale 2017 a bold, daring design caught the eye of many a daring fashionista, and where better for a shoe to find it’s spiritual home than one of the most fashion conscious cities in the world. Adopted by an infinite number of Italian subcultures, the flamboyant design wasn’t designated to just one style.

Christian Tesser worked nike air max 97 gold Cyber Monday Sale 2017 on different elements: less color, visible technology, metallic and reflective materials, all with a more sophisticated style. The Japanese bullet train became the example to follow in the design of the shoe.The Air Max 97 was not only key in the evolution of the air unit, but it also had a strong social repercussion. It released just as we were preparing for the new millennium, and technology needed to be useful, visible and shocking.
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Re: nike air max 97 silver Cyber Monday Sale 2017

Postby Soci » Thu Jan 25, 2018 3:40 am

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