A bloodbath in Rome Red Devils terror storm scared Europe

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A bloodbath in Rome Red Devils terror storm scared Europe

Postby zhaobai00424 » Thu Apr 10, 2014 4:30 am

Ticker at 2:45 on April 11 ( UK local time at 19:45 on the 10th ) , the European Champions League 1/ 4 final, second leg started fifa coins trader two games competition. Manchester United 7 to 1 rout of Rome , with a total score of 8 to 3 to reverse the cut, the first time in 2002, reached the Champions League semi-finals. Opening stage , Carrick , Smith and Wayne Rooney scored three goals in eight minutes . Before the end of the first half , C. Ronaldo solo run , scoring three seasons he played for Manchester United 's Champions League first grain race goal. The second half , C. Ronaldo and Michael Carrick each scored twice , De Rossi scored the consolation goal , substitute Evra icing on the cake . ( Click here to watch Full video highlights )

7 to 1 not only created the Champions League 1/4 final score gap since records began in 1959 ( Real Madrid were last season at 195 758 and 195 859 Season 1 /4 finals played at home 8-0 and 7 to 1 ) , or the Champions League ( 1992 before the restructuring ) does not include a single field of the knockout stage on goal difference record , previous record was 200,405 season 1 / 8 finals Lyon 7-2 victory at home to Bremen .

The first leg of Manchester United in Rome losing 1 to 2 , and since 1984 , Manchester United in the first leg of the war in Europe in the 5th defeat never comeback . Smith unexpectedly beat Ole Gunnar Solskjaer , the season fourth starter, this is his 15 slightly wounded in the war in Europe on behalf of Manchester United in the first issue of course. Fletcher replace the suspended Paul Scholes , Chinese player Dong re-enter the big list . Roma midfielder Pizarro back end of the suspension , the first leg of meritorious deeds Taddei knee injury during the warm-up before the game , had to replace the suspended Vucinic play attacking midfielder Simone Perrotta .

Before the game, fans of conflict with police outside the stadium. Rome after opening a continuous peripheral Shishe . The first four minutes , Pizarro 28 meters in front of his right foot low shot wide of the left post. The first six minutes , Totti is also 25 meters in front of strong low shot slide the left post. The first eight minutes , Vucinic turned out of the way Brown , ridiculously biased shot 27 meters in front . Manchester United 10 minutes to fifa 14 ps coins get the first shot opportunities , C. Ronaldo on the right low- pass, Smith, 25 meters in front of the low shot wide . After 1 minute, C. Luo is turned out of the way on the right horizontal push Middle Mancini , Carrick 20 meters in front of the instep of his right foot rub being shot close to the right post network ( Click here to watch the first ball video ) , 1-0 !

The two sides battle for the total score 2 to 2 , Manchester United away goals dominant, which means that Roma have scored only hope. The first 15 minutes , C. Luo little power shot from outside the area return Doni . The first 17 ​​minutes , Manchester United played with subtlety , Heinze cross from the left , Giggs left oblique rib foot ball knock Road , Smith, 17 meters in front of the right foot volley into the top right corner of Tui ( Click here to watch The second ball video ) , 2-0 ! ! December 2000 , on behalf of Liz Smith, who scored the winning appearances in the other branch of the Roman team Lazio Champions Cup in a ball, today also helped Manchester United with a total score of 3 to 2 exceeded.

In just one minute , Manchester United backcourt steals , C. Luo Difficult ball long range , but the ball to the foot of the front of refraction Smith , Smith inclined to knock on the right , Ryan Giggs right foot low pass, Rooney 6 meters in front the lower left corner of the left Tui score ( Click here to watch the third ball video ) , 3-0 , incredible ! Manchester United a total score of 4 to 2 lead ! ! The first 26 minutes , 27 meters in front of Philippe Mexes low shot wide of the left post. The first 29 minutes , C. Luo Youlei buckle guard , 25 meters in front of left foot vigorously Shepian the left post . The first 31 minutes , Pizarro from the ball to the back post Youlei , but slightly higher than De Rossi head. The first 36 minutes , Totti on the right heel volley after knock , Weilian Song front door pitch Tui 8 meters wide . The first 38 minutes , C. Luo free kick directly in front of 32 meters at Dorney low shot was confiscated . Shortly volley in front of 22 meters wide of the left post.

Smith uprooting Crazy Woman , Slovakia referee showed the first yellow card Michelle . The first 42 minutes , Ferdinand to other restricted competition for a corner , and Crazy Woman booked collision occurred right corner Giggs , Carrick 8 meters before the dot pitch the door header bounced by Doni single hand fishing out , he missed the near post in front of hoisting 4 meters . The first 43 minutes , Manchester United fought back, Ryan Giggs the ball in the circle , cut the ball inside the right costal C. Ronaldo variable line out of the way back, 14 meters in front of his right foot volley made ​​the score ( Click here to watch the fourth ball video ) , 4-0 ! Manchester United a total score of 5 to 2 lead. The first 45 minutes , in front of 23 meters Totti free kick by Van der Sar closed out .

The second half started 2 minutes , 30 meters in front of Totti free-kick wide. Subsequently, Rooney on the left door 18 meters away from the volley. The first 49 minutes , Ryan Giggs was the top left corner , but the Manchester United -place Fanqiang successful forward pass left rib Rooney , Ryan Giggs left low pass , Smith Road Qiangdian did not hit the ball , but the point of outflanking C. Ronaldo 4 meters in front of the right foot shovel Kongmen score ( Click here to watch the fifth ball video ) , with a total score of 6 to 2 ! Game completely lose the suspense . This is C. Luo various events this season, the first 20 balls, has tied Chelsea Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba after scoring 30 goals .

Evra replaced O'Shea , guest right back . The first 57 minutes , Vucinic 17 meters in front of left foot low shot wide of the right post. Subsequently , Mancini was out on the right costal long-range O'Shea denied the bottom line , Totti corner, Panucci header from the center of the goal line by Fletcher destruction. The first 60 minutes , C. Luo restricted the right of the bottom line becomes the line to break two defenders from the ball, the ball flew high point after the arc , Heinze left direct knock , Carrick precise place in front of 24 meters right foot into the far corner curveball spin ( Click here to watch the sixth ball video ) , with a total score of 7-2 !

Captain Ryan Giggs replaced by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer , although the game into garbage time , but Manchester United 's attack frenzy has not ceased. The first 62 minutes , Smith falls on the right side of the remote lob the ball online party . Subsequently , C. Lo 25 meters in front of left foot volley. The first 67 minutes , Ole Gunnar Solskjaer lob from the left, above . The first 69 minutes , Totti cross the ball to the right of the middle reflexive biography, De Rossi sideways 13 meters in front of his right foot volley fire reached the lower right corner ( click to watch Roma goals video ) , with a total score of 7 to 3 .

Richardson replaced Carrick , Dong lost the opportunity to play. The first 76 minutes , pulled down Cassetti C. Lo , was booked. The first 78 minutes , the right side of the frontier closed area Pizarro low shot was confiscated Edwin van der Sar . Subsequently , C. Luo shot over the left front . The first 81 minutes , Rooney identity ball back the frontier closed area , Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on the right side to knock, the door 18 meters before the dot pitch Evra left foot volley hit the near post Niece bomb into ( Click here to watch the seventh ball video ) The total score of 8 to 3 . De Rossi was replaced Fathi . The first 86 minutes , 30 meters in front of Totti free kick volley cause Edwin van der Sar sell, but no follow-up tip . Weilian Song and Mancini has end, teenager Rossi and okaka put . Moyes , C. Luo right side of the small-angle low shot Doni closed out . Manchester United finally ending 7 to 1 Holocaust , the history of Rome, the war in Europe suffered the worst defeat of the team .

Manchester United ( 4231 ) : 1 Edwin van der Sar / 22 O'Shea ( 52 ' Evra ) , 5 Ferdinand , 6 Brown , Heinze 4 /16 Carrick ( 73' Richardson ) , 24 Dover Fletcher / 7 C. Ronaldo , Rooney 8 , 11 Giggs ( 61 ' Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ) / 14 Smith.

Rome ( 4231 ) : 32 Doni / 77 Cassetti , 5 Mexes , 13 Crazy Woman , 2 Panucci / 7 Pizarro , 16 De Rossi ( 86 ' Fathi ) / 4 Weilian Song ( 88 ' Rossi ) , 23 Vucinic , 30 Mancini ( 90' okaka ) / 10 Totti . .
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