0 price tag Juve 's best season

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0 price tag Juve 's best season

Postby zhaobai00424 » Tue Apr 01, 2014 2:25 am

AP cruised 15 Premier League , Manchester United ( microblogging ) in the standings fifa coins trader only two points behind Manchester City ( microblogging ) placing him second , but obvious to all , the Red Devils lineup degree of luxury and deep bench all and came out on top of the "Blue moon" Legion has not a small gap , the title race can bite number one rival , largely relying on traditional giants years of accumulation of deep foundation and manager Sir Alex Ferguson 's coaching skill in support. The relatively thin on the Manchester United team , now has suffered a very serious injury crisis , leading Ferguson to become more stretched in the employment context ; if not the winter transfer window signings enhanced lineup, even as strong as Sir Alex Ferguson , I am afraid when it is difficult to lead the Red Devils in the final suppression of the long season upstart big spenders Manchester City have played for Manchester United (1990 1995 ) for England midfielder Paul Ince has recently celebrated interview with BBC radio , said: "I feel the Manchester United midfielder lack of creativity , it is obvious that Paul Scholes 's retirement is a huge loss . these years, the football game has changed, Roy Keane or Bryan Robson type of player that has now almost disappeared , so Ferguson need to find another way to control the midfield and I think like a player like Modric or Iniesta has the creativity, to provide the kind of midfield control, they are the players I would like to pursue . "

Ince added: " I ​​am convinced that Ferguson will assess the situation and pursue the kind of player he needs not just the midfield in January , in the case of reimbursement Vidic season , he will seek a central defender . I believe he knows what to do , because he is the most I've played a great coach , " Ince also said: ." if you want , and Manchester City, Chelsea ( microblogging ) rivals such , you need to be able to single season into 20 balls forward , but you can not always just depend Lai Luni to complete goals . Nani and Ashley Young played not stable , limited playing time Berbatov , Owen injury problems , but also Welbeck too young . "

As Ince says Manchester United the most urgent need is to be able to provide control of the midfield in the avant-garde. According to " The Independent" reported that , in this season's Champions League group stage pressure over Manchester United Benfica midfielder binary star - 24- year-old defensive midfielder Xavi Garcia and 23 -year-old creative midfielder Gaitan , to Vladimir Jazz God has left a deep impression, Manchester United have sent scouts to inspect Benfica in the Portuguese super multi- game, is closely watching the dynamics of these two outstanding midfield but Garcia 's agent Manuel Lee Wilkie Weng said: "Right now , the players ( Garcia ) only consider Benfica play well I know only those media reports on , so far, and I have had no direct contact person if someone wants to discuss the transfer . Council Chairman Benfica can go to talk about " Garcia 's contract with Benfica and 2 and a half years , but with Benfica 's Gaitan contract is going to expire until the summer of 2016 ; . according to the current situation in perspective, Manchester United fifa 14 ps coins want Benfica put to impress people , do not need to pay a little effort Cleverley , Anderson , Fletcher's injuries so severe Manchester United midfielder stretched configuration , while Vidic the season , the Red Devils also makes the guard position in the manpower shortage . Moreover, the avant-garde and right back injuries also cause a chain reaction, Ferguson had to send Phil Jones to support the midfield , allowing Marin to guest right back , but also left halfback position Ferdinand ( microblogging ) and Evans two. Such a situation , forcing Manchester United to go to the winter transfer market to seek new aid , in order to fill the gap , according to the defense of the lineup , " Manchester Evening News " reported that Manchester United intend to after the winter transfer window opens in January Buy now plays for Bolton defender Gary Cahill . Bolton's Gary Cahill and because the existing contract expires at the end of this season , while the 26 -year-old about to turn England international defender wants to be able to join the giants in the golden age , basically impossible and temporarily Premier League Bolton standings countdown to the first renewal , so if you do not want to let Bolton Cahill on a free transfer in the summer of next year the way to zero-valent leave , they must accept him in January next year to sell the low-cost option . It is reported that the original price was 2,500 pounds of Gary Cahill , as the contract nears its expiration this reason , the value has dropped to £ 7,000,000 Arsenal ( microblogging ) in the last summer window Cahill had tried to buy , but because bids Bolton does not meet the psychological expectations and failed ; Today, Wenger signed Per Mertesacker has said it will not re-introduction of the guard in the winter window . However , Manchester United or Chelsea and Tottenham have to face competition, which teams are also asking fell coveted Gary Cahill . Boas transform part of the Blues plan is to replace with a new aid would definitely leave the Alex ; while Tottenham defender existing are more prone to injury , the impact of the Premiership champions aspiring Redknapp also hopes after the signings to strengthen the defense of the lineup is not only the thickness of the avant-garde and linebacker , Manchester United striker also need reinforcement. According to the " Mirror " revealed Ferguson intends to sign in the winter transfer window now plays for Juventus ( microblogging ) 27- year-old winger Krasic . The Juventus last season, the best season for the Bianconeri is now no longer essential figure in Serie A this season, only six appearances ( four starts 2nd substitute ) ; " mirror newspaper, "said Juve in January next year, allowing him to leave on loan , which is not well-off financial Manchester United is undoubtedly a good news. However, apart from Manchester United , AC Milan ( microblogging ) and Chelsea have also heard intends to introduce the nickname " Zig Ziglar " Serbian striker .
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