Apple is from a teacher

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Apple is from a teacher

Postby goblin » Wed Aug 20, 2014 4:10 am

Guangzhi Zi, there are many small props, at first glance may have absolutely no useful role players, such as Apple, ah, ah, what a shovel, in fact, they are effective, these things need to be changed hands to some NPC, will eventually be rewarded. Xiao Bian today to talk briefly under Guangzhi Zi Apple's role, and to whom the Guangzhi Zi shovel. Guangzhi Zi Apple effect: Apple is from a teacher, and we'll give him another teacher first apples for eating too wasted, it is a task props, when the city's acceptance of a mouse quests will get this apple. We need to give the apple a NPC. Yes, that is Kanpei Li village, that is, before the village was turned into a crow of the village, we sent to the village, and then went to the far right of the house, went in after reading a white old man, walked into the press E to Apple to him, he will be very grateful to you, and give you a shovel !, why not RS Gold ah !!! come slowly, there will be rsgole RS Gold, but not so easy to get, the following Also speaking shovel to a NPC. Transfer to Kanpei village, came to the right of the house, like the old man got into Apple gives the player a shovel to shovel Guangzhi Zi Who: first sent to the old convent, then fly up, then left flying monastery, came to the hospital, the landing, you will find a carriage, next to a chandelier old man, this is what we're looking for the NPC, will give him a shovel can get oil lamp. Windmill map in the back of the lamp to the mice can get a RS Gold. Old convent came flying through the map to the uncle of the shovel, that he was a good friend to bury more information, please visit: Guangzhi Zi.
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