you can play at 4k if you have the hardware

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you can play at 4k if you have the hardware

Postby sandywang218 » Fri Jul 10, 2015 10:26 pm

Zynga game dofus players will now get to have their dofus games such as FarmVille 2, Hidden Chronicles and Zynga Poker on the desktop. Game dofus players will also get notifications from dofus games (as they would on a mobile device) and one-click access to the dofus games. SweetLabs will get a cut of in-app purchases on Zynga dofus games , as willAcer. 'Valkyria Chronicles' Is Now Live On PC. The excellent turn-based strategy gameValkyria Chronicles is out on Steam as of yesterday. Previously a PS3 exclusive, launched back in 2008, the game makes its debut on PC six years later and still looks great. Set in a fictional 1930s Europe,Valkyria Chronicles is a story-driven, squad-based game with great and memorable characters and even better battles. You��a Galliansoldier named Welkin��command everything from engineers to snipers to tanks as you do battle against the wicked and despotic Empire. It��s one of the best PS3 exclusives ever released as far as I��m concerned, and I��m thrilled to be able to play it with mouse and keyboard��though gamepad support exists. The PC version plays in any resolution your PC can handle, so not only will you be able to play at 1080p, you can play at 4k if you have the hardware. Cutscenes still render at 720p, and menus have no mouse support, but other than this the game looks and runs beautifully. It��s available now on Steam for $19.99, and should net you in the realm of 30 to 40 hours of gameplay on your first playthrough. If you missed the PS3 version, or are looking for an excuse to play again, this is a terrific value. I��m just trying to juggle it,Dragon Age: Inquisition, and the rest of November��s dofus games��fromLittleBigPlanet 3to dofus. Ah well. May the bloodline live forever. 'Street Fighter 5' Will Be A PS4 And PC Exclusive. Ahead of two major events promising new game reveals this weekend, The PlayStation Experience and The Game Awards, someone over at Capcom has jumped the gun with a new announcement. For a brief window Dofus Power Leveling this morning a new trailer was online for ��Street Fighter 5,�� something that was obviously meant to debut later, presumably at the PlayStation Experience given the fact that Street Fighter executive producer Yoshinori Ono will be attending that event personally, plus a caption at the very end of the trailer. ��Exclusively on PS4 and PC�� That��s right, if this ends up being confirmed (which the yanked-down video on Capcom��s channel would indicate), Street Fighter has gone PlayStation exclusive. Well, as PlayStation exclusive as Titanfall was Xbox exclusive, also being released for PC as well. The announcement comes at the end of the ninety second trailer that doesn��t feature too much game footage from the new title, but is rather a chronicle of the entire series mixed with an inspirational message about ��breaking through ceilings�� and such. It may sound cheesy, but it��s actually quite well done.
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