each with their own unique skill tree

Talk about various Archaeology things here like fragment farming

each with their own unique skill tree

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Improved lighting, additional alien and shattered landscapes, and many new models and animations make the overworld a vastly more diverse and attractive place.Many additions are planned for Sorcerer King as it proceeds toward full release early next year. Among those, minor factions that can be wooed by either the Runescape player or the Sorcerer King are being fleshed out with deep questlines and unique units (though from the Sorcerer King’s perspective, the Runescape player’s kingdom is a minor faction too – beware of envoys bearing gifts). Five more sovereigns to play as, each with their own skill trees, spell lists, and special units, are coming soon. A limited number of maps are available currently for the purpose of focusing feedback, but many hand-crafted maps as well as random maps will be added as the beta continues.The Sorcerer King beta is available now for $39.99 (discounted 15% to $34.00 for a limited time).Key Features:Unique, asymmetrical rs gold design creates a new kind of 4X gameplay based around surviving the Sorcerer King’s relentless, unscripted assaults.Sophisticated "Game Master" AI ensures each game is a new, challenging experience.Win the allegiances of independent minor factions before they abandon any hope of defying the Sorcerer King’s dark reign.Play one of six different sovereigns, each with their own unique skill tree, spellbooks and units.Extensive crafting system allows Runescape players to customize their units and seek out ever more powerful recipes to even the odds.Hundreds of quests deliver unique items, units, resources and unexpected narrative twists.Earn the loyalty of powerful champions and develop them into juggernauts capable of standing up to the Sorcerer King’s most powerful minions.Found new cities and build them up to gain access to new units, abilities, crafting recipes and more. Cities XXL is a city builder game filled to the brim with new features allowing you to expand the scope of the Runescape game further than any Cities XL game before it.The Cities XL franchise returns with Cities XXL: a bigger, better city builder pushing the city limits to the edge of your imagination, as seen in the stunning world reveal trailer. Running on a vastly improved game engine, Cities XXL offers classic and extended city-building content, including over 1000+ buildings, 70+ maps including new landscapes and environments, and ecological features making CitiesXXL the ‘greenest’ Cities XL game yet.CitiesXXL lets you design and build a sprawling metropolis across many different landscapes and maps, with varying available resources – from oil to fertile farm land – to keep the denizens of your city content. Featuring four classes of citizens spanning four densities of housing, you’ll watch as your cosmopolitan paradise grows from a quiet suburban town to huge economic powerhouse.
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