with a source saying it's the best handling of a bad situati

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with a source saying it's the best handling of a bad situati

Postby jma325 » Tue Jul 14, 2015 11:24 pm

 Visibly shaken founders stood in front of the team and with tears in their eyes delivered the news. We��ve lost our funding unexpectedly and the studio had to shut down. That was the end, Kubushyna wrote. The team stood silent for a while. Then there were hugs and tears. The team had to leave the office by noon so almost everyone went to lunch together (ironically, we hit the ��Rock Bottom�� bar). Almost everyone showed up at the office the next day. And the day after. And the day after that. They came to show support for each other, share leads for jobs and just hang out with each other. NCSoft has claimed that it wasn't responsible for the throttling of the studio, telling Cabal gamesIndustry that we did not participate in any management. Why and who was responsible for pulling the funding isn't known publicly yet, although with so many reporters and sharks circling, one imagines the story will come to light soon. One positive is that a source has told Polygon that executives at Molten have been active in helping those affected find new jobs, with a source saying it's the best handling of a bad situation I have seen by far.The post details her experience with the company, which sounded like an incredible group of people to work with. It's heartbreaking to see what is obviously a dedicated and willing team of individuals have the rug pulled from under them so quickly, but business doesn't operate on the well-being of its staff. It operates to survive, even if that requires sacrificing its Cabal Power Leveling creators to get there.Some footage of the cancelled project, Blunderbuss, and a cinematic video, has been posted on YouTube. Kubushyna signed off her post saying she considered the company a profound success. We'll keep an eye out for where her talents end up next.Halo 5 hands-on: Warzone mixes up multiCabal player on the edge of going stale. By James Pinnell on June 17, 2015 at 2:37 am I'll be honest with you all, because we've been through a lot together and I trust that we're past pleasantries.I'm not really all that excited about Halo. It doesn't row my boat, butter my bread, or any other sort of turn of phrase. There's something about the spongy, bullet soaking, moon jumping combat that leads to less complex combat strategy. In this writers honest and frankly correct opinion, it's far too easy to escape from an ambush or a clumsy dash into the middle of the battlefield, your shield absorbing obscene amounts of damage before recharging after a matter of seconds.However, as the series blossomed like Ross and Rachel's relationship I began to appreciate the various unique and clever nuances; from the ability to heavily customise every element of a multiCabal player match (on a console no less), to the clever map design and proper utilisation of multiple levels and terrain detail. I will also admit that, as first person shooters on consoles go, it does have an incredibly forgiving and intuitive control scheme, combined with an exhaustive amount of modes and some great maps.
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