How to care wood floor?

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How to care wood floor?

Postby qizhen0809 » Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:57 pm

The first thing that worries pets at home is that the pets bounce around, or just grab the floor, not only listening to them uncomfortable. If the floor noise is not good,Wood Plastic Composite Decking
it may also disturb the neighbors downstairs. Therefore, there are pets Of the families in the shop floor should consider the purchase of sound insulation, sound-absorbing good wooden floor, such as the floor with a quiet pad.
Cats and dogs paws is very sharp, accidentally, the wooden floor appeared scratches, so the wear resistance of the floor must be better. Xiaobian here to recommend to strengthen the composite floor,roof garden decking fence

both wear-resistant and economical, care is also more convenient, very suitable for pets families.
Pets may not be as civilized as humans, they may often urinate anywhere on the floor,outside mounted deck balusters

and they should be promptly cleaned after use, and the floor must be drained. If the dog what the urine to the floor cracks, it is necessary to use a vacuum cleaner sucked dry.
Specific actions: Use a rag dipped in tap water wipe directly on the floor, and then dry wipe. Of course, you can also first wash the rice water evenly on the floor, wait 5 minutes, so that the dirt on the floor "automatically" float to the top. At this time, without force,fence cost per foot

gently with the old cotton clothing repeatedly wipe 4-5 times, carefully wipe the floor just fine, food stains to spray more water, easy to wipe. Seems to spill over the water and then wipe the floor tiles seem a bit troublesome, but the efficiency of this approach is very high, the effect is even more unique, we may wish to try.
Due to the needs of activities, pets often run on the floor above, in order to avoid wrestling, you can buy a three-dimensional textured surface of the floor to improve the pet's grip, such as: relief surface, Ma face.
Summer heat, the dog walking on the floor is a "Little Plum Blossoms", and some dogs also like to rest their mouths on the floor above,install corrugated roof under deck

and soon after the beach is a beach breathing liquid, after moving children, The floor looks like pieces of one, clean up is strenuous? In fact, for this liquid type of secretion, wring the sponge mop drag a few times on the line.
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