7 Rules Of The Dating Game

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7 Rules Of The Dating Game

Postby Brady » Wed Feb 07, 2018 2:48 am

The Magnesium Diet: First, is The Magnesium Diet. This is your guide to keep your cellular magnesium levels high and constant through the use of delicious, energizing, foods. It also includes the foods you want to reduce or avoid. These are the foods that strip magnesium from your body and leave it vulnerable to all the threats described.


Magnesium Eating Plan: The biggest reason people fail with a change to a healthier diet, is because they are not sure how to prepare their meals in advance. To get a head start, I’ve compiled a Magnesium Eating Plan so you can plan out your meals and succeed. Love Commands The Magnesium Food List: I’m also including “The Magnesium Food List”. A massive list of foods with the magnesium content in each. It’s organized by content, and also alphabetical order. You’ll be surprised at how much variety and choice you actually have.
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