How to improve the service life of the furnace lining

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How to improve the service life of the furnace lining

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<p>First, the high temperature furnace and experimental electric furnace in use for the first time and the day after, are required to play in the high temperature furnace lining and the furnace body and the sintering. The lining of the furnace is divided into acid and alkaline lining according to the different materials and smelting needs, and the acid lining is used in our factory. The lining of the furnace is made of quartz sand and other materials, and the induction coil is protected by a protective layer of isolation melting material and induction coil in the furnace body wall. We should pay attention to the lining of the high temperature electric furnace and the experimental electric furnace. The lining of the furnace should be baked in a long period of low temperature, so that it condenses into a solid whole and has a considerable strength, which can withstand the stirring of molten liquid and the impact of the feeding. In sintering, the method of low power and slow heating of the air furnace should be followed for more than 36 hours of continuous baking so that it is fully solidified and solidified. The good or bad of the lining of the furnace is an important prerequisite to ensure the service life and safety of the medium frequency electric furnace.lab vacuum heat treatment furnace inert gas vacuum tube furnace
It is the key to prolong the service life of medium frequency electric furnace and ensure the safety of life when the lining of the high temperature electric furnace and the experimental furnace lining is good. Under the same circumstances, the operation should be checked before using the high temperature electric furnace and the experimental electric furnace. Whether the flow of the water cooling system is smooth, whether the cooling water and water pressure is normal, whether the water temperature is normal, whether there is water leakage phenomenon, whether the hydraulic system can work normally or not. The operation should be careful not to touch, touch, one person, one care, and prohibited Xianzarenyuan enter the room, to prevent electric shock. In the process of melting to use molten material drying, and do it with care, often feeding, when the furnace melt melted to need should be poured, avoid high temperature increase loss of lining; ground observation, when found outside furnace body redness phenomenon, this is the harbinger to leak, should be taken in a timely manner to shut down the intermediate frequency power supply out of the furnace, molten material and other measures to avoid the occurrence of leakage accident of furnace. In use, it should also be noted that when the lining becomes very thin and can not be used, the old lining should be smashed and the new lining should be redone to prevent the leakage of the furnace.CE certified vacuum nitridation furnace
In addition, the high temperature electric furnace and the experimental furnace electric furnace work at high temperature, high voltage and high current. Therefore, often should clean dust room, power supply cabinet and induction coil connecting copper bar, reduce the failure to prevent insulation. Often check whether the water flow and water pressure of the cooling water are normal. Fasten the connecting bolts and nuts of each component regularly to prevent bad contact from burning parts. Regular maintenance of water cooling system pump motor, hydraulic station motor, clean hydraulic oil, ensure the normal water supply and oil supply. Regularly rated voltage of the equipment, check the current protection circuit, to prevent failure. Regular, correct and meticulous maintenance is an important guarantee for prolonging the service life and ensuring safety of the medium frequency electric furnace
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