The frequency of use of wood flooring and maintenance should

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The frequency of use of wood flooring and maintenance should

Postby zhangxiaosan » Fri Mar 02, 2018 12:17 am

<P>1, the last maintenance of the wood floor pavement: wood floor pavement should be the decoration of the last process. The only way to maximize the guarantee that the wooden floor is not damaged after paving. In particular, homeowners planning to install iron staircases should pay attention to this point, otherwise the sparks will make you feel distraught.</P>
<P>2, maintenance of the wood floor to avoid scratches: in the usual residence to develop good habits, not to drag heavy objects on the wooden floor; into the house to change shoes (preferably soft bottom), not to the outside Bring the foreign body home.
3, wood floor maintenance of the fire anti-hot: no matter what time should put the fire in the first place, family friends with children but also to educate their children not to play with fire at home.</P>
<P>4, maintenance of wood flooring to keep dry: wood flooring should always keep dry and clean. Do not think that their good quality wood flooring is not afraid of water, it is only business promotion. Choose a neutral floor cleaner to clean the wood floor at home is wise, because acidic, alkaline cleaning products will damage the brightness of the wooden floor.</P>
<P>5, timely maintenance of the wooden floor cleaning: found that dirt fell on the wooden floor to be promptly cleaned. Because many of the stains are corrosive, these stains can gradually penetrate into the texture of the wood floor and may not be clean up until then.</P> "panel dinding kayu wpc baru di Thailand,planche en plastique de bois extérieur,composite timber cladding panels "
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