supply and demand

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supply and demand

Postby zhangxiaosan » Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:20 am

contradiction of supply and demand of buying composite fencing online our country lumber is very outstanding, at present breach occupies the 45 % of demand, predict to supply and demand of lumber of whole 2005 society breach will enlarge 90 million stere, occupy 58 % . Accordingly, increase silvan resource, protect an environment, socioeconomy of implementation our country can develop continuously, leave

sufficient mothball natural resources composite back yard fence in iceland for the descendants, must do well lumber is managing substitute. Reporter from national classics trade appoint understanding arrives, our country lumber is at present managing substitute to basically be put in 3 big questions. It is lumber managing substitute the attention that works to had not caused whole society, plastic composite tongue and groove teak and holly flooring unreasonable use and waste

lumber phenomenon to still be compared serious; 2 it is lumber managing substitute the legal laws and regulations of the respect is not quite perfect, lack a tie wood composite used in structures to abusing the behavior of lumber, wasteful lumber; 3 it is our country lumber adds technology to lag behind, level of management is poor, product quality is not high, wasteful lumber phenomenon is serious. Those who be implementation
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