space, the sound source and the measured

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space, the sound source and the measured

Postby zhangxiaosan » Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:55 am

<p>goodwill, as far as possible to avoid being deceived. 3, the installation of sound insulation board is simple In order to achieve good sound insulation, sound insulation board installation method must be very simple, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the desired sound insulation. Professional acoustic engineers are aware that if a wall can be tested in the laboratory can be noise X dB, in practice, often only sound </p>
<p>insulation X-2 dB, or even less sound insulation. As a result, there are two main reasons why the sound insulation value of the wall in the actual project is lower than the laboratory test value: including the lateral sound transmission problem in the actual project and the installation quality of the wallboard in the actual project is not as good as the installation quality of the professionals in the laboratory of. </p>
<p>Therefore, the installation of noise insulation board must be simple, otherwise the installation personnel on site will certainly be mistakes, resulting in the wall sound insulation value less than the goal. For example, the elastic bar has been used more in the United States, which itself is a good sound insulation means and products, the use of flexible horizontal bar in the laboratory can improve the sound </p>
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