soundproof test report units include

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soundproof test report units include

Postby zhangxiaosan » Tue Mar 06, 2018 12:04 pm

<p>number of home appliances and family cars, as well as ubiquitous production, living and commercial noise, the intensity of noise pollution now facing the modern world has become more severe. After a market survey conducted by Tsinghua University Institute of Building Acoustics, it was found that at least 50% of people would not be satisfied if the sound insulation of the wall is 45dB; if less than 10% of </p>
<p>the sound insulation is increased to 50dB, Will not be satisfied. Therefore, for general soundproof walls, the sound insulation target can be set at about 50 decibels. Of course, for special places such as recording studios, studios, high-end KTV walls, etc., the sound insulation of the wall may need to be 60 dB or the above. 2, the performance of sound insulation board whether there is a test report In theory, </p>
<p>any material has sound insulation properties, and even a thin paper can be printed on the noise, so many of the market was only very common materials, manufacturers call sound insulation Plates, including gypsum board, magnesium board, calcium silicate board, wood, etc., resulting in consumers easily deceived. Choose one of the most important principles of sound insulation board: the soundproof board </p>
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