space, the sound source and the measured

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space, the sound source and the measured

Postby zhangxiaosan » Tue Mar 06, 2018 2:20 pm

<p>with other products, easy maintenance, easy to update. 6, sound insulation board safety: sound-absorbing board at both ends with ��6.2 wire rope connected to prevent secondary damage, resulting in personnel, property damage. 7, sound insulation board light: sound-absorbing panels with self-weight and light weight characteristics, quality of less than 20 kg square meters, can reduce the overhead light </p>
<p>rail, elevated road load-bearing, can reduce the cost of the structure. 8, noise insulation board: the use of ultra-fine glass wool, because of its high melting point, non-flammable, fully meet the environmental protection and fire safety specifications, fire and so on A level. 9, high strength: combined with different climatic conditions in various regions of our country, fully consider the wind load in the structural design. </p>
<p>Using 1.0-1. 6mm galvanized sheet, through the numerical control equipment, to suppress the groove to increase the strength of the product against 10-12 typhoons, compression 300kg / m2. 10, waterproof, dustproof: louver design fully waterproof, dustproof, its angle is set to 450 degrees, in the dust or rain environment its sound absorption is not affected, the structure has been set Dust drainage </p>
<p>plastic lumber<br />
per foot cost for composite fencing canada<br />
how to cover cracked concrete patio for cheap</p>
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