High temperature and rain floor construction

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High temperature and rain floor construction

Postby zhangxiaosan » Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:53 pm

<P>Health is the core of solid wood flooring quality and stability, but due to the long health time, stacking and environmental requirements, at the same time, solid wood flooring moisture content to match the environment temperature and humidity in order to create the best use of state, so to ensure good quality , But also to carry out "according to local conditions," the personalized health program, which on the scale of enterprises have certain requirements.</P>
<P>Floor health in strict accordance with the timber material settings, the cycle usually 3-6 months, to ensure adequate time. Stacking of slabs should be kept vertically and horizontally overlapped, so that each board can have the largest circulation area to withstand the test of environmental temperature and humidity. During the maintenance process, the moisture content should be regularly sampled to observe the data changes and confirm the progress.</P>

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