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Postby hhm1020 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:19 am

<p>open the "network parameters", "WAN port settings", HS8546V HGU Dual Band Gigabit Router 4GE Wifi2 4GHz 5GHz Huawei Gpon Ont Ftth port connection type select "PPPOE", enter the Internet account and password, dial mode generally select "normal dialing mode", connect mode select " Auto Connect ", then click" Save "settings, wait a while click" Connect ". 3, click "Wireless Parameters", "Basic Settings", set the WIFI name, connect the password.</p>
<p>4, if you need to change the router login IP, you can open the "network parameters", "LAN port settings", set the IP can be, such as</p>
<p>5, after setting, enter the "System Tools" to restart the system, but now the router is usually set to automatically remind restart.</p>
<p>At this point, the router is set up, and now we can enjoy high-speed Internet surfing.</p>
<p>Attached routers common problems and solutions</p>
<p>1, I forgot the router's login password, what should I do?</p>
<p>A: Please note that the RESET on the router panel press the hole, the Huawei AR2200 48FE 802 1X WLAN Network VPN Router is powered on, stabbed into the long press 5 seconds or more, you can restore the factory settings of the router, the factory settings of the password and IP information is generally posted on the router bottom.</p>
<p>2, I want to change the password of the router, how should get?</p>
<p>A: Login router settings interface, enter the "System Tools" - "Change Login Password", enter the new password twice, click OK.</p>
<p>3, my router is always dropped, how to do?</p>
<p>A 1: Please check the power adapter plug and the power outlet is loose, the router cable port is loose.</p>
<p>Answer 2: Please do not use the router first, insert the broadband home network cable directly into the network port of the host computer, set PPPOE dial-up access, use for a period of time to see if it is a broadband network problem, if yes, dial Shangrao Mobile Broadband Service Hotline 15907931111 Contact maintenance personnel come to processing.</p>
<p>A3: Change the router.</p>
<p>4, the status of my router settings page Why is displayed as "broken" or "connection"?</p>
<p>A: Check the router's settings, the broadband account user name, password is entered correctly.</p>
<p>A 2: Check the broadband access network cable is connected to the router's WAN port.</p>
<p>A: Please do not use the router, the broadband network cable directly into the host computer's network port, set PPPOE dial-up to see if dial-up success, if prompted incorrectly, then call the mobile broadband service hotline 15907931111 ZTE ZXA10 C320 GTGO GTGH Board GPON OLT Shangrao contact the maintenance personnel deal with.</p>
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