Laminate flooring

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Laminate flooring

Postby hhm1020 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 10:20 am

<P>Laminate flooring maintenance is very simple, you can not use sandpaper, sander, powerful cleaning powder and metal tools to clean the floor. When walking at home, try to wear cloth slippers, preferably barefoot.</P>
<P>To place a sandstone protective mat in front of the hall, to prevent the shoes will be sand into the room to scratch the floor; to avoid the handling of goods on the floor, can not drag on the floor; can not use the knife, clean the ball and other things to remove the floor above Dirty.</P>
<P>To maintain the indoor humidity, because the bamboo is a natural material, sometimes with the climate change will be deformed bamboo; to avoid damage to the surface of the bamboo floor paint, do not use hard objects to impact, avoid scratching with a hard knife Injury, etc .; two to three months to play a wax plate, wood flooring so better.</P>
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